About Me

I'm Victoria. When I was young  I would bite my nails. My mom knew that if she let me continue doing that, it would be a terrible habit. So she told me one day that she would get me a manicure if I stopped biting my nails. I was obviously interested enough in that manicure that I stopped biting them. After I got the manicure, I never bit them again! It's probably the best thing that's ever happened!

Since I can remember I've loved finger nail polish and I loved having my nails painted. Until I got a little older and realized I could start painting them myself! I started buying polish here and there. And within the last year or two I've really become obsessed. If we are somewhere shopping, and the store has any type of beauty section-I'm there! I can hardly go anywhere without picking up at least one polish. It is a constant struggle to resist polish!

I was born and raised in southeast Louisiana. I love it here-even though it's nice and hot and humid 10 months out of the year! I have an older brother and a younger brother, as well as a 7 year old yellow lab, Delta. I have big families on both my mom and dad's side. I have so many cousins but I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE being with my family. And it's safe to say that I am a daddy's girl!

I love taking pictures! And I know I get that from my mom. She's always the one at family/school functions with her camera in hand. I guess I've kind of followed in her footsteps in that way. I do love having pictures of everything I do/see! So I enjoy the challenge in capturing the polish on my nails! How about some pictures now? Does that sound good? :)

Baby Victoria! I did dancing only for a little bit.



Older brother, me, younger brother. As babies! This is one of my favorite pictures of us.
2011 Beach Vacay

My precious Delta! With her lacrosse ball. By the way-lacrosse is Delta's FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. And if you aren't throwing the lacrosse ball for her in the net, she'll just chew on them. And it's all good because they are indestructable.

Can I get a shout out for the cutest dog in the world?

Me and my dad after my graduation
My Mom! The one who saved my nails! 

My Eat.Sleep.Polish. sign that my lovely cousin painted for me!

The sweet girl with her nails painted! How appropriate!

I have more pictures coming soon!

You can contact me at victoria.lejeune@gmail.com if you have any comments, questions, or concerns :)