Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Haul, New Mani, Plus Marsh Fires!

Hey y'all! Ahh! So today there are many things I need to talk about! I don't think I've posted in the past couple days-again, i've been kind of busy with school and work. But today I am off of work! So I shall post! :)

Let me just start off by saying-there is a marsh fire going on right now here locally. It has been going on now for the past couple of days. From what I understand, whatever is burning, a certain type of plant, can smolder for weeks. So there is no real clarity in when it will be cleared up.  It is surrounded by water though, so the mayor isn't all too worried about it. However, the smoke is killin' me! Due to the wind this morning, the smoke was pushed into my parish. It was so hazy outside! And when the bell rang for lunch and we went outside, the smell was almost unbearable! Literally. I still smell like smoke. My hair, my clothes, everything.  But the wind has taken it elsewhere now. So that's good. However, we had a few people affected at our school-the smoke was really messing with their asthma. I wish I would've had my camera at school to take a picture to show y'all! Right now i'll just show y'all some pictures I found on the internet from our local news channel.

A picture of the marsh fire itself. Found this one on the news site.

This is a picture of the Superdome and the city! Engulfed in smoke! Photo credit: Gerald Herbert

 So! That's that. Now, on to my mini haul from the other day. I went into the beauty supply store that I normally hit up for OPI polish. The only store I have found around here that sells it! Oh, and did I mention that she's moving to a different location in September?! Wahh! Anyways, I was surprised to see that she had the Miss Universe display! I quickly snatched up It's My Year and Crown Me Already.  I didn't feel that I needed the others.  I also picked up I Juggle Men.  I've seen it on several blogs and think it looks perfect.  It can add a little something to every manicure.  I stopped myself at just three polishes.  I take that back...my mom stopped me at three polishes. Haha. I originally had 5 on the counter. Here are some pictures.

From left: I Juggle Men, Crown Me Already, It's My Year

Don't they look so pretty in the light!

The light was hitting it perfectly. Love!

Ahh! Beautiful glitter!

Love the golden shimmer in this one! Can't wait to try it.

Now for my actual manicure. As a base I chose OPI's French Quarter for Your Thoughts from the Touring America Collection. Once that was on I thought it needed a little something extra.  Therefore, I topped it off with my new I Juggle Men. Let me just say, first, that FQFYT  applied wonderfully! It was two easy coats.

Once I added I Juggle Men

Name shot

In other exciting news before I go-
I have an order from Forever 21 coming. It's 3 articles of clothing and 3 polishes. Yay! They really are some beautiful polishes. I can't wait to see them in person and share them with you all!

Plus, when I was still in Tennessee, my Aunt ordered off of Amazon 5 more polishes for me! They were ones that we weren't able to find at The Cosmetic Market. She also ordered me the most beautiful pair of cowgirl boots :) She texted me just a little while ago and told that the package should be to me by Thursday. I am so excited! She's the best!

I was typing this all so fast. I hope I don't have too many spelling/grammar mistakes! Let me know what you think about all of this. Or any of it! Or none of it!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Can't Resist Come to Poppy!

Okay! I had my eye on Come to Poppy ever since OPI came out with the Nice Stems Collection! I only wanted Come to Poppy and I Lily Love You from the collection. Boy, am I so thankful I found it! It's absolutely gorgeous! Although in some pictures you can sort of see brush strokes, it is in no way a frost! I put on two coats but it was actually a one coater! Take a look at it's beautifulness:

Isn't my new keychain cute? ^^ My coworker bought it for me!

Sorry for the pic heaviness! I couldn't stop snapping! But there is more :) The next day I added some chunky silver glitter by Kleancolor.

My only complaint with the Kleancolor glitters is that they take FOREVER to dry. However, the final product is gorgeous and I got many compliments!

Did you like it? Let me know!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discontinued OPI Color?

Hey y'all! My aunt and cousin from Tennessee LOVE this color. Everytime my aunt sees that it is available on Amazon she snags them up! I think this is because it is discontinued? I'm not sure but we can't seem to find it anywhere. So, being that my aunt is the best-when she found a bunch of them on Amazon one time she ordered one for me and my other cousins. I tried it on for the first time the other day and I'm afraid that I've fallen in love too! The color is Let Them Eat Rice Cake! Do any of you own/know of this color? Is it discontinued? It is definitely a neutral but some websites describe it as having some pink in it or something. I didn't see it-but I still love it!

What do y'all think? Again, do y'all know anything about this polish? Own it? Want to own it? Haha. In the first picture it looks almost like a perfect match to my skin tone! 


Monday, August 22, 2011

Gargantuan Green Grape

Let me just start really quick by saying that..I am sitting here at my desk in the middle of removing my nail polish.  I reached for my water bottle to take a sip and without realizing grabbed the bottle of polish remover. Thank goodness I caught my mistake--that could have been bad! Haha.  The polish i'm posting on my blog today is from probably like a week and a half ago? It's OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape which I finally got! I had been wanting it forever and I found it when I went to the Cosmetic Market. It's a minty-lime green that applies wonderfully. I think I only put on two coats for these pictures.  Also, I have no top coat on in these.

WARNING! DON'T BE SHOCKED BY MY NUBBIES! This will be the first post starring my short nails due to one of my nails breaking and having to clip the rest!

Before I forget! I also want to mention that I now have 39 followers! That is nearly 40 which is 10 away from 50! I am so excited!

Yesterday when I was at work, a girl came in and after I made her ice cream I went to hand it to her, and I saw she had newspaper nails! They were so cute! So I asked her about them and she said that the last time she did newspaper nails they came out cuter than the ones she had on yesterday. I thought they were still very cute! Better than mine ever looked! And she brought to my attention that maybe the brand or type of polish you use makes a difference on how the print comes out on your nail. Because she said the first time she used a China Glaze polish (I believe) and that's when it worked really well. But that yesterday she had an OPI base on and that they don't work as well. So who knows, huh?

I think blogging may help keep my mind off of my paw-paw's situation. Even if I don't post everyday, I still get on and look at everyone's posts! You guys rock!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not Nail Related

Hey guys. I have no pictures and nothing nail related on this post. I was just writing to say that i'm not sure of the next time i'll be posting. My paw-paw has been in the hospital for over a month and things are just going downhill. Today is not a good day.

Praying for a miracle. I love you paw-paw.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mod About You!

Oh ehm gee guys! I haven't had a post since August 10th! It's been six days :( I'm so sorry! I've missed posting on my blog but i've tried to keep up with everyone else's in the meantime. The polish i'm posting today is from before I had to clip all of my nails down! I still had the little..wait I take that back. I still had the BIG crack in my ring finger nail. So the next thing I post will feature my nubbies! Anyways. I wore OPI's Mod About You.  Which I'd been dying to buy since I'd seen it swatched on some blogs. It definitely can look more white and other times more pink. But I do love it! I wore this color to the first day of school :)

2 coats of Mod About You

Name shot
 So! I just really love this color! It went on really well. Not so much a winter color but I like it. It's kind of like a clean slate.

How have all of you been? Anybody started school? This was my 5th day of school today. I'm enjoying it. Getting back into the swing of things. One of our assignments in English class was to 'personalize' our journal so that the teacher would automatically know who it belonged to when she picked it up. Can anyone guess what I did? Decorated it in polish of course! With the same concept of my polish binder and other polish box. I'll try and get a picture later to show y'all. My paw-paw is still in the hospital! I think it's going on 29 days today. :( The doctors are really trying to figure out what has gone wrong. We're all praying for a miracle!

I'll try to keep up with my posts but it's been difficult since school has started. I'm now juggling school, homework, work, etc. And of course those things come first! But I haven't forgotton y'all!

Edit**-I almost forgot to mention all of my followers! Since I've been gone for several days-I come back and have 37 followers! I am so excited! Y'all already know how much you guys mean to me! Amazing!
Hopefully i'll be able to post again tomorrow! I have work though. Anyways..


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Haute As Hello

Short post today ladies! We're celebrating my brother's birthday today but first we have to go buy school supplies-today was out first day back! Hectic! I have on one of my new colors from my latest haul. This is Essie's Haute as Hello which is a corally pink/orange. I LOVE it! I think my favorite Essie so far! It was perfect in two coats. I added a top coat too, and used my drip dry drops!

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention! I hit my ring finger on my steering wheel yesterday getting out of my car, BROKE THE NAIL DOWN TO THE QUICK AND HALF WAY ACROSS! BOO!!! :( I know i'm just going to have to end up cutting it. I'm so sad. Because that means i'll then have to cut all of them down to nubbies. C'est la vie!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Pictures From My TN Trip

Sorry guys! I didn't really keep up with posting while in Tennessee. Except for my one post about my haul-because I figured some of you may be just as excited as I was about seeing all the polish! SO! Until tomorrow when I actually have a color on my fingers, i'll just post some pictures. I have a few that i'll post too of my cousin's nails. With all the polish lying around on the kitchen table for days-they decided they might as well get their nails painted!

Ahh! The Cosmetic Market! I was finally there!

Me and my cousins outside of The Cosmetic Market. Love these girls!

Me with my haul once we got home. This picture makes it look kind of small, huh? Haha.

Me and my cousin's Bullmastiff

I painted one of my cousin's nails with Mod About You by OPI. We couldn't get over how tan it made her look!

One of my other cousins painted her own nails with Essie's Neo Whimsical. So light and dainty! Love!
And of course I painted my nails while there with some of my new polish! I put on a base of OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama and then used OPI's I Lily Love You as a top coat. I think it's so pretty!

And this is what my polish rack looks like now after bringing home my new polish. Half of it is now consumed by OPI, I had to take down all of my Forever 21 Love & Beauty polishes and put them in one of those little baskets, and a bunch of the other colors are in the baskets. I am now out of space in the baskets and on the rack! Looks like I need another rack-quick!
 So that's all for tonight! I'll have a post tomorrow but I can't promise much for the rest of the week. We're just starting school back on Wednesday so I don't know how busy i'll be!


Saturday, August 6, 2011


OPI Drip Dry Drops and OPI Nice Stems Mini Collection
Essie Going Incognito, Essie Haute as Hello, and Essie Matte About You
Butter London Victoriana, Queen Vic, and Aston
OPI Suzi Skies the Pyrenees, Flashbulb Fuchsia, Let Them Eat Rice Cake, and Last Friday Night
From the new OPI Touring America Collection for Fall/Winter 2011- Are We There Yet?, French Quarter For Your Thoughts, and I Brake For Manicures
OPI Come to Poppy, I Lily Love You, Stranger Tides, and Sparrow Me The Drama
OPI Do You Lilac It?, Mod About You, Gargantuan Green Grape, and Significant Other Color
OPI Light My Sapphire, OPI Ink, Lincoln Park After Dark, and I Vant to be A-Lone Star
OPI Top Coat, The One That Got Away, Natural Nail Base Coat
OPI Polish Remover

And on my nails in all these pictures is Are We There Yet? From OPI's new Touring America Collection. So all in all, counting top and base coat and Essie Matte About You, as well as the minis, I have 32 new polishes to wear! I am just too happy! What do y'all think? Any colors that stand out to y'all?

Going shopping!