Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sorry guys! I haven't posted anything today or yesterday. I've been stressed to the max. Between going back and forth to the hospital for my paw paw, trying to wash/dry/pack clothes for the Tennessee trip (which is hopefully still on), and losing power yesterday-I haven't had much time to get on blogger for a post! Much less paint my nails! However, I have been wearing the same polish for a couple days and managed to get some pictures. I'll post that for you now.

I got the inspiration from Dees Polish Endeavors, I thought her giraffe nails were adorable! I only had time to do my accent nail though. Even though I would've loved to do the giraffe print on all. I used 'Pop Champagne' from ALDO as a base. Pop Champagne is kind of a frosted metallic champagne color. It isn't gold, and it's not silver or bronze. I honestly don't know how to explain it! It wasn't too bad though because you couldn't really make out brush strokes in the polish-which I like. On my accent nail I used my black Art Deco striper polish. I just made random geometric shapes :)

Ohh and btw, please excuse the band-aids that are on the bottom of the bottle! Haha. When I first brought this polish home, I must've beat it around in the car because the bottom of the bottle was missing a piece of glass and was really sharp!

Name shot. Haha.

My giraffe accent nail.
 I hope you liked them! It would've been much cuter with bright colors but i'd been doing kind of wild nails lately so I wanted to tone it down with a neutral color. The giraffe print was an after thought, but I like it!

Also! I'm going tomorrow after work to get a MUCH NEEDED pedicure. Any ideas on a color I should go with?



  1. Very cute! Sounds like you've had quite the week so far... Hopefully that all settles down so you can have your vacation!

  2. Thanks! It has been quite hectic! I sure hope I get my vacation before school starts up!

  3. Don't worry about blogging, have a nice vacation and I hope you'll paw paw get's better.

  4. I think toes always need a loud color on them!

  5. Cute! I hope things start to get less stressful for you and that you can still go to TN! I always wear pink on my toes, so that's what I'd say!

  6. @Sandra-Awwa! Thanks!

    @Fingers-I agree!

    @Olivia C.-Thank you! I hope so too! & thanks for the suggestion. I think i'm going to get a bright pink or something.


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