Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Haul, New Mani, Plus Marsh Fires!

Hey y'all! Ahh! So today there are many things I need to talk about! I don't think I've posted in the past couple days-again, i've been kind of busy with school and work. But today I am off of work! So I shall post! :)

Let me just start off by saying-there is a marsh fire going on right now here locally. It has been going on now for the past couple of days. From what I understand, whatever is burning, a certain type of plant, can smolder for weeks. So there is no real clarity in when it will be cleared up.  It is surrounded by water though, so the mayor isn't all too worried about it. However, the smoke is killin' me! Due to the wind this morning, the smoke was pushed into my parish. It was so hazy outside! And when the bell rang for lunch and we went outside, the smell was almost unbearable! Literally. I still smell like smoke. My hair, my clothes, everything.  But the wind has taken it elsewhere now. So that's good. However, we had a few people affected at our school-the smoke was really messing with their asthma. I wish I would've had my camera at school to take a picture to show y'all! Right now i'll just show y'all some pictures I found on the internet from our local news channel.

A picture of the marsh fire itself. Found this one on the news site.

This is a picture of the Superdome and the city! Engulfed in smoke! Photo credit: Gerald Herbert

 So! That's that. Now, on to my mini haul from the other day. I went into the beauty supply store that I normally hit up for OPI polish. The only store I have found around here that sells it! Oh, and did I mention that she's moving to a different location in September?! Wahh! Anyways, I was surprised to see that she had the Miss Universe display! I quickly snatched up It's My Year and Crown Me Already.  I didn't feel that I needed the others.  I also picked up I Juggle Men.  I've seen it on several blogs and think it looks perfect.  It can add a little something to every manicure.  I stopped myself at just three polishes.  I take that back...my mom stopped me at three polishes. Haha. I originally had 5 on the counter. Here are some pictures.

From left: I Juggle Men, Crown Me Already, It's My Year

Don't they look so pretty in the light!

The light was hitting it perfectly. Love!

Ahh! Beautiful glitter!

Love the golden shimmer in this one! Can't wait to try it.

Now for my actual manicure. As a base I chose OPI's French Quarter for Your Thoughts from the Touring America Collection. Once that was on I thought it needed a little something extra.  Therefore, I topped it off with my new I Juggle Men. Let me just say, first, that FQFYT  applied wonderfully! It was two easy coats.

Once I added I Juggle Men

Name shot

In other exciting news before I go-
I have an order from Forever 21 coming. It's 3 articles of clothing and 3 polishes. Yay! They really are some beautiful polishes. I can't wait to see them in person and share them with you all!

Plus, when I was still in Tennessee, my Aunt ordered off of Amazon 5 more polishes for me! They were ones that we weren't able to find at The Cosmetic Market. She also ordered me the most beautiful pair of cowgirl boots :) She texted me just a little while ago and told that the package should be to me by Thursday. I am so excited! She's the best!

I was typing this all so fast. I hope I don't have too many spelling/grammar mistakes! Let me know what you think about all of this. Or any of it! Or none of it!



  1. Great haul... I am hoping to find that Miss Uni collection soon!! It's been very elusive. The pictures of the marsh fire are terrifying..but happy to hear it's just a PITA and no one is in danger. They should let the poor asthmatic people stay home though!

  2. I know! After they realized what was happening they weren't allowing the asthmatics outside. And I know! That's why I was shocked that I found it there. Because she doesn't exactly have the most recent stuff. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful!! I love Crown Me Already and I Juggle...Men Great post,keep it up! <3

  4. I had no idea that marsh fires existed! So weird, but also really interesting. I just remember the ridiculous forest fires in Jax. They had some bad ones this summer.
    Great haul! I've seen I Juggle Men a lot, but I've never picked it up, and I don't know why. I love it on top of French Quarter for Your Thoughts!
    I can't wait to see your F21 haul, other polishes, and cowgirl boots! I definitely need some of those! :)
    I hope everything is going well for you!

  5. I know huh? I'd heard of them but never seen any of the 'side effects'. And yes, those forest fires can be so scary! I Juggle Men is pretty cool! And it made a cool effect on top of FQFYT. I can't wait either-i've been dying for a pair of cowgirl boots! Thanks-everything seems to be running smoothly as of right now :)My Paw-Paw is still in the hospital, but stable. So that's good.

  6. such an awesome haul! Love the polishes you bought! Mani looks great too!


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