Monday, August 22, 2011

Gargantuan Green Grape

Let me just start really quick by saying that..I am sitting here at my desk in the middle of removing my nail polish.  I reached for my water bottle to take a sip and without realizing grabbed the bottle of polish remover. Thank goodness I caught my mistake--that could have been bad! Haha.  The polish i'm posting on my blog today is from probably like a week and a half ago? It's OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape which I finally got! I had been wanting it forever and I found it when I went to the Cosmetic Market. It's a minty-lime green that applies wonderfully. I think I only put on two coats for these pictures.  Also, I have no top coat on in these.

WARNING! DON'T BE SHOCKED BY MY NUBBIES! This will be the first post starring my short nails due to one of my nails breaking and having to clip the rest!

Before I forget! I also want to mention that I now have 39 followers! That is nearly 40 which is 10 away from 50! I am so excited!

Yesterday when I was at work, a girl came in and after I made her ice cream I went to hand it to her, and I saw she had newspaper nails! They were so cute! So I asked her about them and she said that the last time she did newspaper nails they came out cuter than the ones she had on yesterday. I thought they were still very cute! Better than mine ever looked! And she brought to my attention that maybe the brand or type of polish you use makes a difference on how the print comes out on your nail. Because she said the first time she used a China Glaze polish (I believe) and that's when it worked really well. But that yesterday she had an OPI base on and that they don't work as well. So who knows, huh?

I think blogging may help keep my mind off of my paw-paw's situation. Even if I don't post everyday, I still get on and look at everyone's posts! You guys rock!



  1. <3 this color on you! & I WISH those were my nubs..

  2. GGG look amazing on you! It definitely suits you! And your nails look just as pretty short as they do long!
    I hope things are going well for you. I'll continue to send good thoughts and prayers. :)

  3. That would be really bad and nasty if you would have drank that. Good thing you realized it. The polish is a great color on you! I bet it would look great with some stamping over it!

  4. I love this shade, it's so gorgeous!

  5. @Mel,Glassflecked-Haha, thanks!

    @Olivia C.-Thank you! I think the good thoughts and prayers may be working! Doctors are moving him to a new facility where he will hopefully be able to make more of a recovery and then be able to be sent home!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous-I know huh! Thanks-I would have stamped them if I had some stamping stuff! That's what I want for Christmas!

    @Sandra-Thank you! It really is a pretty color!

  6. Very pretty color, I really like it, I think I must add it to my wish list, I like your nail length they look very nice.


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