Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mod About You!

Oh ehm gee guys! I haven't had a post since August 10th! It's been six days :( I'm so sorry! I've missed posting on my blog but i've tried to keep up with everyone else's in the meantime. The polish i'm posting today is from before I had to clip all of my nails down! I still had the little..wait I take that back. I still had the BIG crack in my ring finger nail. So the next thing I post will feature my nubbies! Anyways. I wore OPI's Mod About You.  Which I'd been dying to buy since I'd seen it swatched on some blogs. It definitely can look more white and other times more pink. But I do love it! I wore this color to the first day of school :)

2 coats of Mod About You

Name shot
 So! I just really love this color! It went on really well. Not so much a winter color but I like it. It's kind of like a clean slate.

How have all of you been? Anybody started school? This was my 5th day of school today. I'm enjoying it. Getting back into the swing of things. One of our assignments in English class was to 'personalize' our journal so that the teacher would automatically know who it belonged to when she picked it up. Can anyone guess what I did? Decorated it in polish of course! With the same concept of my polish binder and other polish box. I'll try and get a picture later to show y'all. My paw-paw is still in the hospital! I think it's going on 29 days today. :( The doctors are really trying to figure out what has gone wrong. We're all praying for a miracle!

I'll try to keep up with my posts but it's been difficult since school has started. I'm now juggling school, homework, work, etc. And of course those things come first! But I haven't forgotton y'all!

Edit**-I almost forgot to mention all of my followers! Since I've been gone for several days-I come back and have 37 followers! I am so excited! Y'all already know how much you guys mean to me! Amazing!
Hopefully i'll be able to post again tomorrow! I have work though. Anyways..



  1. I love your post!I love the color looks great on you!I am a sucker for anything pink!JUST LOVE THIS COLOR!!I have not yet started school!I have like 3 more weeks of vaction.If you ask me I don't want to go back.):What grade are you in?I love to see your 'personalize'journal so please post soon!!

  2. Mod About You is my fave OPI :)
    Be interesting to see how you decorated your journal :)

  3. Thanks y'all!

    @Pinkbeauty_love-Lucky! 3 more weeks of vacay?! I'm jealous! I'm a senior.

    @Cara Robinson-Is it? It IS great! I'll try to post a picture of my journal tomorrow!

  4. Gorgeoussss polish!
    I'm praying for your grandfather, I hope he gets better soon!
    I haven't started school yet- my classes start Aug. 29th. I sooo don't wanna start college haha.
    Cute idea to decorate your journal with polish! I did that one time in a psych class. :)

  5. You're too sweet Olivia! That sounds about the same time all my cousins are starting college down here.

  6. Love this color. Sorry about your grandpa. I hope they figure something out!

  7. It's so pretty, I love the color. And sending good thoughts towards your grandpa. <3


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