Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shooting Timbleberry! Plus About Me!

Haha! In case y'all were wondering-the title of this post is a combination of the two polishes I'm going to show y'all. It's actually Shooting Star by Kleancolor and Timbleberry by Sinful Colors. Heheh. I crack myself up :)

So I started with a base of Timbleberry. I did two coats of this. And it is a creme reddish/coral/orange.  It honestly looks like all three of these colors depending on the light. And i'm going to post four different pictures of it to show you! I took a picture of them in three different rooms in my house, and then one outside.



Outside natural light. So shiny!

Name shot
Shooting Star topcoat

Name shot
 I think this is one of the cutest combinations of polish i've put together! I don't know why, I just like the glitter colors on top of Timbleberry. What do you think?

Also, i've added an About Me tab at the top of my page. If you are interested in knowing a little more about me you can check it out! It's got pictures :)

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Butterfly Award!

So yesterday I received the butterfly award from An Amateur's Nail Obsession by NailsbyCourteney! I am delighted and surprised! This makes me so happy to know that people really do enjoy reading my blog!

The Rules:
1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers

7 things about myself:
1. I am 17 years old.
2. I will be a senior in highschool this year.
3. I was born and raised in the same small town in Louisiana. I've never lived anywhere else-including the same house.
4. I used to bite my nails when I was young, but my mom told that she'd get me a manicure if I stopped. I stopped, got my first mani, and have never bitten them since.
5. Everyone that has ever done my nails professionally since then ^ say that I have 'lady hands/fingernails'? They say it's a compliment-so i'll take it. Haha.
6. I've always wanted to visit Maine.
7. I've had psoriasis since I was in 1st grade.


  • favorite color: pink

  • favorite song: Someone Like You by Adele

  • favorite dessert: Hot Fudge Brownie from my work place-Maggie Moo's!

  • what annoys me: WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs. UgGh.

  • favorite pet: My sweet little Delta Queen. She's a yellow lab.

  • black or white: black AND white

  • biggest fear: Losing the people I love the most.

  • best feature: Well I get the most compliments about my blue eyes or my hair. The compliments about my hair are usually about the length or just the color. Which is natural, i've never dyed it. But my aunt ALWAYS raves about it being a unique reddish brown. Don't know?

  • what is perfection: Walking around the French Quarter with the people you love, shopping until you drop, and taking in the smells of New Orleans-whether it's seafood or beignets.

  • guilty pleasure: Nail polish! Duh!

    I want to give this award to these lovely blogs:

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  • I really appreciate each and every one of you! Y'all are such an inspiration to me-from your great posts to the sweet comments you guys leave me. I try my best to read y'all's blogs faithfully every day! I've been reading some of them since before I had a blog of my own! You guys are the reason that I started this blog and I hope that y'all enjoy mine as much as I enjoy yours!

    Much love! XOXO

    Saturday, July 30, 2011

    Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

    Hey loves! I'm back home again! I feel like i've been saying that alot lately. But it'll be back to normal once school starts because I won't be leaving for days at a time. So BEFORE I left, I painted my nails with Zoya Rica. I got Zoya Rica when Zoya had the promotion where you got Zoya Charla and Ivanka for free with your purchase. Rica just stood out to me. Lots of shimmery goodness! It honestly could be a one coater. But you know me-I did two. Haha. I just can't think of a very good description of it because it's so many things packed into one. It's like orangey-pink jam packed with golden shimmer.

    name shot

    Now, I kept this on my nails for two of the days that I was out of town. But at my cousin's house, my family from Tennessee was there too, and i've already told y'all about the stash of OPI that my cousin Claire has. Well she brought some of it down with her so all of us girl cousins were rifling through it to see which color we wanted on our nails. One of my cousins chose Absolutely Alice. Which is so gorgeous and i'm jealous that I still don't have it yet! Hopefully in like 5 days when i'm at the Cosmetic Market, i'll find it! It's like straight blue and gold glitter-pure LOVE.

    I chose OPI's The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush. Which is a hot pink with some shimmer. It was just a perfect formula-no complaints! LOVE!

    Also while gone-like I mentioned in my blog- I forced my cousin to drive me to their Walgreens so that I could take up a coupon I saw in the paper. It was three polishes for $4 (Sinful Colors). I picked up my three colors and I will have swatches for you guys soon! As i'm typing this i'm painting my nails with Timbleberry by Sinful Colors. So that will be tomorrow's post. 

    AND! We went to Target just to walk around and I found myself where? The Beauty section. But I did good! I only bought one polish and it was on clearance from $4.99 to $2.48. I chose Revlon Top Speed in Lava. It reminds me of Limbo Bimbo by China Glaze so I can't wait to swatch it!

    I hope you guys aren't mad at me for leaving so much! LOL. But i'll be leaving again this coming Thursday for Tennessee. Y'all should look forward to me being gone then, though! Because i'll be hitting up the Cosmetic Market and hopefully finding some great things! That's it until tomorrow! I hope y'all liked all the colors!


    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    Vlog #1!

    I don't know what other way to do this! This is my first vlog, simply because i'm with my cousins and one of them has a computer with a built-in camera. But once I filmed it, it won't upload straight to here. So I just had to upload it to photobucket. Anyways! I hope this vlog isn't too horrible and that I don't sound like a babbling idiot. Please excuse the meowing cat in the background too! Haha.


    Monday, July 25, 2011


    Hey there! Does the title of my post remind you of anything? Tony the Tiger maybe? Haha. I've been having this idea in my head for a while but never had the black striping polish. Well, I bought the black striping polish when I went to the Dollar General the other day along with the little plastic basket. So voila! Tony the Tiger inspired nails!

    I started with a base of Wet N Wild's Sunny Side Up. It is a bright creme orange. I got great coverage with just two coats.

    This picture makes the polish look like it has a real yellow tint. But I promise it doesn't!
    Name shot
    I then added five black 'stripes' to my accent finger. This wasn't really high up on the difficulty scale. I just placed the brush at the side of my nail and swiped it over and up towards the middle of my fingernail.

    I used L.A. Colors Art Deco in black
    I then came back with Stripe Rite in orange glitter and used the same method to but 'stripes' above the black stripes.

    So. All in all I think it came out good. It was exactly what I was envisioning in my head. Simple but cute. Oh! I'll be out of town for a few days so I might not have another post until Saturday-ish? Please excuse my absence! I'll probably still have access to a computer to comment on y'alls posts but I won't be posting anything. Sorry! :(


    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Another Trace Face Philes Giveaway!

    I cannot keep up! The Trace Face Philes is having ANOTHER giveaway! She keeps breaking through her previous follower counts!  So this one is for the 1000 Followers!!! Holy cow! There is only one winner though! But the winner gets all 12 of the new China Glaze Metro Collection polishes! Woohoo! So enter now!

    Steady As She Rose + Small New Storage

    Today, I have a swatch of Steady As She Rose from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. I've been wanting to try this since I bought it! It's a really great greyish lavender. In some lighting if you just glance at them they almost look white. But I love it. I'd call it a neutral because it can be worn with anything. It took three coats for me to get it to how I like it. The first coat was very streaky with lots of bald spots. And some people may be able to get away with two. But I did three just for good measure :) Right now I have it on my fingers and toes!

    The three polishes I used. I always start with my Natural Nail Base Coat by OPI. And most of the time I end with a top coat given to me by the person who always does my nails at the salon. She sold this to me one day and told me that I can bring it back and get it refilled whenever I needed. I don't think this is even the right bottle for it. Because the bottle says 'white pearl'. So she must've just had an empty bottle that she filled with top coat. Anyways-I love it! It's very shiny and has a quick dry time. And as you can see i'll need a refill soon!
    One coat
    Two coats
    Three coats
    Name shot

    So I ran to the Dollar General yesterday to pick up some snacks and I ran down the aisle of what I suppose is college dorm stuff. And as I was looking at all of the bins and storage containers I kept thinking ''What could I use this for..". So of course I picked up one little hard plastic rectangular basket. They had them in pink, green, and purple I believe and they were only one dollar. I bought it but didn't know what I would use it for exactly, but I knew something polish related. Well, once I got home-it hit me! I could use it for my polishes that have runneth over the polish wall rack! And guess what? They fit perfectly! So now I don't have to take down the big bin off my shelf, and remove a lid and all of that. They are neatly standing up in the little basket and are seated right under my rack. It's great because the sides of the little container are just the right height to keep all of the bottles standing up and neat.

    See them? Right under the bottom left corner or the wall rack.

    So! I will definitely be running back to the DG to pick up a few more of those. They are only a dollar so it's a steal! And Lord knows i'll need some more until I get another wall rack. Especially since i'll be making a haul in August at the Cosmetic Market!

    What do y'all think of Steady As She Rose? Is it a wear-anytime color? What about those little storage baskets?


    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Island Fuchsia by Jordana

    Hey y'all! I'm posting early today! I feel on top my schedule! Haha. I have a funny little story about the polish i'm posting today. Back when I was in Girl Scouts, which was probably 4th or 5th grade, it was like my troop's end of the year party or something. We went out to eat and then after my troop leader gave each girl a little gift bag of things. Every girl had a Jordana polish in their bag, but just in different colors. I can't remember what color I originally had, but I remember trading with someone else, so I ended up with Island Fuchsia. When I later put it on, I just remember being amazed by the color. And probably the formula too. But I was younger and not as obsessed with polish. I just knew there was something wonderful about it! I must have used it enough times to be sad when I lost it. I don't know what I ever did with it, but it was gone! Since then i've been searching for that color! I found Jordana's website and saw that I could buy online and everything, but I couldn't remember what the name of it was. Plus, Jordana's little color swatches of the colors aren't technically right. Because when you look online, Island Fuchsia looks like a dusty lavender-totally incorrect! Anyways!! I was in K-Mart with my mom a couple months ago and the polish section is right by the checkout so I was browsing and found a little display of Jordana! I immediately found the color I had lost-Island Fuchsia! I continue to be amazed by this color. It goes on so perfectly and can easily be a one coater. I've never heard of Jordana before or even found it anywhere else, but I would love to try out some of their other colors. All the polishes are really cheap-I think like 2 bucks. Online it says that Island Fuchsia is a 'shimmer color with small micro-reflective sparkles'. So i'd love to know if the formula is as great on their cream, duotoned, and glitter colors. I'll just post the pictures! All are 2 coats, no top coat.

    Artificial light, no flash.
    Artificial light, with flash.
    Name shot
    Trying to capture the bluish purple micro sparkles. Amazing!

    Oh, and i've been having this little nail dryer thing for years, but I just have neglected to put batteries in it for the past few years. I finally decided that it was a good idea to do so and make some use of it! It's precious! It has two little compartments that slide out on the sides that hold polish.

    Oh, and you know I couldn't just leave Island Fuchsia all by its lonesome. So I added some of OPI's Teenage Dream to my accent finger.

    I love how the sparkles showed up in this picture. They are pixilated on the tip and clear towards the bottom.
    So what do y'all think?! Has anyone ever heard of Jordana? Ever used any of their polish? What did y'all think of it?


    Friday, July 22, 2011

    The TraceFace Philes Giveaway!

    The Trace Face Philes is having a 600 follower giveaway! Go check it out! There are two seperate prizes, and you know what that means! Two winners!

    Back Again!

    Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in 3 days (I think), could be 4. That's because I had a family member in the ICU. Everything seems to be going well though, and he was moved to a regular room last night :)

    This will probably be a picture heavy post because I have to catch up on what I missed. So after I took Limbo Bimbo off my nails, I put on Essie's Turquoise and Caicos!!!! Yes! I finally bought it! While we were out a couple days ago my mom had to stop at Walgreens. So I ran in just to look at like the Sinful Colors section, but my eye caught on the wall of Essie! Turquoise and Caicos has been on my wishlist for a while now so I couldn't pass it up. I think it was like $8.69 or something with tax. The guy checking me out at the register was like "geez, that's some expensive polish!". And I told him it was worth every penny!

    Isn't it beautiful!? I think this is two coats. It was kind of streaky so I just applied it thick.
    Name shot.
    I have some other exciting news though!! That Essie polish is the last polish i'm buying until I go to Tennessee in August! BECAUSE...i'm going to the Cosmetic Market! And i'm saving all of my tips until then! I'm so so so excited because around here I don't have an Ulta or any other type of beauty store.  The only thing I have is a Sally's, and they don't even carry OPI. So my parents and I are making a trip up to visit my family in Tennessee and while we're there my aunt and cousin are going to take me to the Cosmetic Market! And trust me-i've seen my cousin's stash of OPI. It's amazing! And during our family beach trip in June, they gave me Teenage Dream and Not Like The Movies, which they got from the Cosmetic Market. So I know that they must have a great selection! It's gonna be one MEGA HAUL!

    I'm being really long-winded in this post but I can't help it! So yesterday after I took off T&C I painted my nails with OPI's Guy Meets Gal-veston. Which is like a red jelly. It isn't completely red. It starts off as more of a coral and the more coats you put on, the more it looks red. I'm not the biggest fan of jellies, but I had never used Guy Meets Gal-veston before. I put on four coats, and it isn't that bad after all.

    4 coats
    Name shot
     I also painted my cousin Sophia's nails and toes for her beach trip. I used OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender as a base. Then, on her toes and accent fingers I used OPI's Teenage Dream. I think they came out good! We decided that it looked like she had 'Barbie' toes-so sparkly!

    Also, I have some more good news! Actually it's just really good news for me! When we were in the waiting room at the hospital, a woman sitting across from us asked me if I had psoriasis. And I do, so we got into this giant conversation about what she uses for hers and all the stuff we've tried and everything. I don't know if i've mentioned before on here that I have psoriasis. It's a hereditary skin condition that isn't contagious. I've had it since I was in first grade so everyone I go to school with is used to it. I have a lightbox in my room that I use. There is currently no cure for psoriasis, but I am hopeful that one day there will be. Here's a link if you want to read more about it or anything: So anyways-you can get psoriasis under your fingernails. And it will make them have ridges and things. LUCKILY-I have not been affected by psoriasis under my nails yet. Knock on wood! So my mom asked the woman if she has it under her nails and she said yes. And then she said something amazing-"But the doctor said to always keep them painted, so that the air can't get to them..." Whatever the reason was behind that-I kind of spaced out. Haha. I was so happy! So maybe me keeping my nails painted all the time is what has kept me from getting it under my nails! I was kind of rubbing it in my mom's face too because she always gets on me about letting my nails breathe and stuff. So now I feel like I can have all the polish I want!! Yaay!

    I'm almost done! LOL. On my last post I told y'all that I was in a contest on snapfish and I left the link for y'all to 'like' my picture. I think a couple of y'all did it-so thanks so much! I'm going to leave a couple more links to some of my other pictures in different color categories. Remember, once you click on the link I leave, under 'Share the love' on the right side of the page, click 'Like'. I believe that you have to be logged into facebook to do so.

    Green entry:
    Red entry:
    Yellow entry:

    Y'all are the best! I know I originally said the post would be picture heavy, but I think it was more word heavy than anything! Let me know what y'all think-about anything! Haha.


    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Prettiest Pink That I Ever Did See!

    Hey y'all! I'm glad to be back and blogging! So yesterday I painted my nails with one of my favorite colors EVER. Limbo Bimbo by China Glaze. I remember when I first bought this polish and tried it out, I was amazed. It was pretty much like my go-to color. However, after I really got polish-crazed and started buying a bunch of polish I sort of forgot it was there! :( I always wear my new colors and feel like i'll never get back to wearing the older ones. When I got my five new Kleancolors in the mail though, I knew that the first one I wanted to wear was City Never Sleeps. To avoid having to put on probably three coats of the glitter polish, I just decided that I would layer it over another color. So since City Never Sleeps is composed of tiny blue glitter with big pink, lime green, and gold glitter, I wanted to pick a base color that matched. My eye immediately fell on Limbo Bimbo! And once I put on just my first coat it all came flooding back! I promise to never forget about Limbo Bimbo again!! It's just a breath taking hot pink. I haven't even put on a top coat because it's so shiny. And I find myself just randomly staring at my hands. Plus my mom has complimented me buku times on them! On to the pictures:

    Perfect in two coats! This is artificial light, with a flash.
    Name Shot
    One coat of City Never Sleeps on accent finger.

    Name shot
    One coat of City Never Sleeps (from other hand)
    Natural light with no flash. Two coats of CNS.
    Natural light, with flash. Two coats of CNS.
     And I have a favor to ask of you guys! I've submitted some of my pictures to Snapfish for this summer contest they are having. And there are seven different color categories. You can enter 5 pictures into each category. Anyways! I loved my pink nails so much that I submitted them into my pink category. I'm going to post the link. All you have to do is click on it, and then over to the right of the page under where it says 'show your love' just click the 'like' button! I have two likes on it right now, and if I get some more after having posted this (considering it DOES have to do with nail polish) then I may give y'all the links to my others (which have nothing to do with nail polish, lol)! Y'all are awesome! Here is the link:

    So am I over obsessing about Limbo Bimbo? Or is it gorgeous! Did you like the combination of City Never Sleeps and Limbo Bimbo? Ever tried either of these colors? Let me know what you think!