Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lemons and Oranges?

Let me just start off by saying-i'm so sorry for this crappy manicure! LOL. I don't really know what I was going for here? It's pretty obnoxious and that's why i'm apologizing in advance! Also let me just say..I hate neons. Not on everyone. Just on me. I think they look cute and summery on other people though, and I have a bunch because I always think they look cute in the bottle, and when I go to try them i'm like "Oh my gosh, this is horrible." Plus, once I get finished painting them I think they look perfect and I go outside and there is like neon polish all over my cuticles and around my nails that you can't see in indoor light! So when I went to paint my nails yesterday I thought i'd try out one of my neons since I never wear them, and it IS summer which is like the only time to pull a neon off. I went for Neon Yellow from Forever 21 and immediately regretted it. The application was thick and streaky. Part of the reason it had to be so thick was because I had to cover up the streaking. So once I finished painting my nails Neon Yellow, I thought to myself "What could make this uglier?" haha not really, but like I stated at the beginning of this post-I don't know WHAT I was thinking. So I then proceeded by grabbing Zoya's Rica (which is a gorgeous color by itself!) and adding orangy tips. This didn't save the manicure by any means, I don't think there was anything that could have! Without any more delay, i'll just post the pictures.

This is without a top coat.

name shot

finished product with top coat-uggh!
I think this is the shortest time i've ever kept a color on my nails. I took it off this morning. I just couldn't stand looking at them anymore!

On a brighter note(hahaha), i'm going see JASON ALDEAN on Thursday!!! Yaaaay! I LOVE me some Jason Aldean. I'm going with my second family pretty much. My aunt and uncle and their three daughters. One of them being 'Gurl' who is my age. I mentioned her in my very first post. Anyways! I'm trying to figure out what color polish I should wear to the concert. I don't even know what i'm wearing as far as clothes go right now though, but I do know that i'm sporting my cowboy hat!!

One last thing that I find hilarious!! This morning, my 'little' brother (he's 18 months younger than I am but towers over me!) broke off one of the fan blades from his fan. Hahaha. He said he turned the fan off but it "wasn't stopping fast enough" so he stuck his hand up there to stop it!! Thank God he didn't lose his whole hand! Instead he just broke up one of the blades. Isn't that funny?! Haha.

So isn't that manicure just hideous? Is there anyone else out there that CAN'T pull off a neon? Or who just prefers not to wear a neon? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better brand to use with better neons that aren't so thick and goopy? Please shed some light on my current situation! Lol.



  1. I actually really like it! Looks like something I would do :)

  2. That looks really good. I love the bold colors!

  3. Well thanks y'all! Maybe it's not AS bad as I thought.

  4. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I am SO jealous of you! Jason Aldean is my future husband. I LOVE HIM! He's coming to Southaven MS which is super close to Memphis and I really want to see him. So I hope you have an awesome time!
    I think your nails are kinda cute! I like neons, but they are hard to pull off sometimes. And I hate when you think a polish will look good on you, but then you wear it and it just doesn't look like you thought it would. So I know whatcha mean! I hope you like your next manicure better! :)

  5. Haha Olivia!! He's so cute! Yeah, i'm going see him at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. I'm so excited because we were supposed to see him last year when he was playing at the Wharf but things fell through and we couldn't get tickets! So i'm ecstatic. And thanks about the nails!


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