Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

Hey loves! I'm back home again! I feel like i've been saying that alot lately. But it'll be back to normal once school starts because I won't be leaving for days at a time. So BEFORE I left, I painted my nails with Zoya Rica. I got Zoya Rica when Zoya had the promotion where you got Zoya Charla and Ivanka for free with your purchase. Rica just stood out to me. Lots of shimmery goodness! It honestly could be a one coater. But you know me-I did two. Haha. I just can't think of a very good description of it because it's so many things packed into one. It's like orangey-pink jam packed with golden shimmer.

name shot

Now, I kept this on my nails for two of the days that I was out of town. But at my cousin's house, my family from Tennessee was there too, and i've already told y'all about the stash of OPI that my cousin Claire has. Well she brought some of it down with her so all of us girl cousins were rifling through it to see which color we wanted on our nails. One of my cousins chose Absolutely Alice. Which is so gorgeous and i'm jealous that I still don't have it yet! Hopefully in like 5 days when i'm at the Cosmetic Market, i'll find it! It's like straight blue and gold glitter-pure LOVE.

I chose OPI's The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush. Which is a hot pink with some shimmer. It was just a perfect formula-no complaints! LOVE!

Also while gone-like I mentioned in my blog- I forced my cousin to drive me to their Walgreens so that I could take up a coupon I saw in the paper. It was three polishes for $4 (Sinful Colors). I picked up my three colors and I will have swatches for you guys soon! As i'm typing this i'm painting my nails with Timbleberry by Sinful Colors. So that will be tomorrow's post. 

AND! We went to Target just to walk around and I found myself where? The Beauty section. But I did good! I only bought one polish and it was on clearance from $4.99 to $2.48. I chose Revlon Top Speed in Lava. It reminds me of Limbo Bimbo by China Glaze so I can't wait to swatch it!

I hope you guys aren't mad at me for leaving so much! LOL. But i'll be leaving again this coming Thursday for Tennessee. Y'all should look forward to me being gone then, though! Because i'll be hitting up the Cosmetic Market and hopefully finding some great things! That's it until tomorrow! I hope y'all liked all the colors!



  1. All pretty colors! I love Absolutely Alice- gorgeous!
    I hope you have fun in Tennessee and pick up some cool polishes! :)

  2. I like them all, but the first one is my favorite, it's gorgeous!!

  3. @Olivia C.-Thanks! I plan on having LOTS of fun! And I may do another vlog while i'm in Tennessee because of my cousin's fancy smancy MAC computers :) That way I can show y'all the polishes I picked up and how excited I am!

    @Sandra-Isn't it?! I seriously could not stop looking at my nails when Rica was on. Thanks!


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