Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Polish Collection

Hey y'all! I'm not going to post just a single polish today, but about my collection in general. Compared to all the other polish bloggers out there I have a fairly small collection of just over 100+ polishes. This past Christmas I decided that I really wanted a polish wall rack to keep my polishes because I was tired of having to dig through my 'polish bin' to look for the specific color I wanted. So low and behold on Christmas morning I opened up my 90 bottle wall rack!! I was so excited. And in December, all of my polishes could fit on the rack. But noooww, i've had to resort back to putting some polishes in the dreaded 'polish bin'. So hopefully before this Christmas i'll be able to purchase another one for myself. Because this Christmas i'm asking my parents for a Konad Kit! Anyways, i've also started this small project of like charting my polishes. I have an old binder that is decorated from the front cover to the back in clippings from magazines (all polish related, of course). And then I have printed pages that read at the top in columns: Brand, Name, and Swatch. I'll post pictures so you'll have a better understanding. It's not some state of the art system but it works for me :) I just basically wanted something so I could keep track of all my polish. I should be getting some more polish soon. Have I mentioned that my parents are totally against my obsession? Haha, not ALL THE WAY against it, but they think i'm nuts! They think I could spend my money on something better, blahblahblah. Besides, I don't spend all of my money on polish. Just simply my tip money, which isn't all that much considering I just scoop ice cream at Maggie Moo's! Plus my mom can act like she hates it-but she always wants me to paint her nails! Haha anyways, sorry for the post being so late, today has been kind of stressful. Here's the pictures:

My rack. Note: this was a couple of months ago so i'll have to take a new picture to post!

This is the front of my polish 'inventory' if you will. With the flash on you can see all the tape I used for this. Haha.

These are what the pages look like in the binder. Brand/Name/Swatch at the top.

This is one of the inside covers. It has since been covered completely! But the ads for the Sally Hansen Nail Effect things (like the one I cut out for the top of the inside cover) are my absolute favorite ads in magazines! And I still want to try them out!

So! Where do y'all keep your polishes? Any special system you use? What about the Konad? Is it totally worth it :) ? And last but not least, do you have a favorite nail polish ad in magazines?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm kind of loving your "inventory" binder. I haven't even thought about going through all of mine. It would take ages! Great job :)

  2. Thanks! It didn't take me near as long to chart them all as it has to fully decorate the whole thing! Haha but thanks again!

  3. I'm in the process of inventorying mine now. Will post on my blog soon! Good job though on yours. I think the binder is super cute!

  4. Thanks! I'll be looking for yours!

  5. You have a great collection... so well organized too!!! Thanks for following my blog.. I like your blog too, I love to follow starter blogs like mine :)

  6. I so need some polish racks! Really cool! And I love your inventory system! :)

  7. @Polish AMOR-Thank you! I just wish it was bigger! And your welcome, I try to do the same (follow starter blogs)!

    @Olivia C.-Thanks! The polish rack does work so well! It's made my life so much easier! I love to keep it in brand/color order!


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