Monday, July 18, 2011

Prettiest Pink That I Ever Did See!

Hey y'all! I'm glad to be back and blogging! So yesterday I painted my nails with one of my favorite colors EVER. Limbo Bimbo by China Glaze. I remember when I first bought this polish and tried it out, I was amazed. It was pretty much like my go-to color. However, after I really got polish-crazed and started buying a bunch of polish I sort of forgot it was there! :( I always wear my new colors and feel like i'll never get back to wearing the older ones. When I got my five new Kleancolors in the mail though, I knew that the first one I wanted to wear was City Never Sleeps. To avoid having to put on probably three coats of the glitter polish, I just decided that I would layer it over another color. So since City Never Sleeps is composed of tiny blue glitter with big pink, lime green, and gold glitter, I wanted to pick a base color that matched. My eye immediately fell on Limbo Bimbo! And once I put on just my first coat it all came flooding back! I promise to never forget about Limbo Bimbo again!! It's just a breath taking hot pink. I haven't even put on a top coat because it's so shiny. And I find myself just randomly staring at my hands. Plus my mom has complimented me buku times on them! On to the pictures:

Perfect in two coats! This is artificial light, with a flash.

Name Shot

One coat of City Never Sleeps on accent finger.

Name shot

One coat of City Never Sleeps (from other hand)

Natural light with no flash. Two coats of CNS.

Natural light, with flash. Two coats of CNS.
 And I have a favor to ask of you guys! I've submitted some of my pictures to Snapfish for this summer contest they are having. And there are seven different color categories. You can enter 5 pictures into each category. Anyways! I loved my pink nails so much that I submitted them into my pink category. I'm going to post the link. All you have to do is click on it, and then over to the right of the page under where it says 'show your love' just click the 'like' button! I have two likes on it right now, and if I get some more after having posted this (considering it DOES have to do with nail polish) then I may give y'all the links to my others (which have nothing to do with nail polish, lol)! Y'all are awesome! Here is the link:

So am I over obsessing about Limbo Bimbo? Or is it gorgeous! Did you like the combination of City Never Sleeps and Limbo Bimbo? Ever tried either of these colors? Let me know what you think!



  1. I liked it! :)
    LOVE your nails! That pink is amazing. I can't believe I've never seen it til now! Amazing!

  2. Liked it!
    Isn't this color incredible? The first time I took my niece to the supply store, I told her she could pick out some polishes and she went STRAIGHT towards this one! She has good taste :)

  3. Thank y'all so much! I know I won't win any competition-but i'm trying to convince myself that I will. Haha!

    @Olivia C.-Glad i've exposed you to a color that you haven't seen before! Thanks!

    @thenailaholic-It IS incredible. She does have good taste!


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