Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ahh! My 1st post!

Alright, i'll be honest here-I have NO CLUE what i'm doing! For the past couple of weeks i've been reading lots of nail polish blogs and thinking that I could do one just for fun. So I find myself sitting here at 11:41pm wondering where I go from here. I've sort of got a page design and text and colors etc., but I feel like there is so much more I need to learn to do. I'll try to post a picture in this post too-just of myself because it is my first post and I figure everyone needs to know who they're dealing with, right? I promise to try and post something at least once a day! For now though, this concludes my post! I'm just excited for this new adventure and everyone is welcome to hop on for this crazy ride!

So this is me(on the right) and my dear cousin Sophie(on the left), who you will probably hear about more in the future. And she will most likely be referred to as "gurl". As she refers to me as "gurl". And together, we are Gurl Squared! Haha. It's just a quirky thing that stuck after spending (probably) too much time together. Please excuse the outfits! I'm from New Orleans so this was from Mardi Gras of this year. But do notice-my nails are painted with the same color scheme! The good ole' purple, green, and gold!

Oh! Here is an up-close picture of my Mardi Gras Mani! It's not the greatest picture because it was indoors with a flash! But anyways! I had fun doing them!

 Okay! I think i'm officially done! It's now 12:13am and i'm finally hitting the 'Publish Post' button. Wish me luck!


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