Sunday, July 17, 2011


Finally! I feel like i've been away forever! And man! Have I got a story for y'all! It has truly been an eventful past few days. So as some of you know, I was leaving on Thursday to go to the Jason Aldean concert. My cousins and I were so excited. We dressed in our best country attire (cowboy hats and plaid) and headed on our way. On the news before we left, there was like a 50% chance of rain, but we didn't pay any mind. When we got to the amphitheater at The Wharf there were people flooding in, and Thompson Square was performing. Most of the amphitheater was filled with people. We found our seats and sat down, ready to enjoy the show!! Time for a picture:

Now the amphitheater is outdoors (if you didn't realize). It's just like giant sets of metal bleachers. So back to the story. After Thompson Square performed, Chris Young came out to perform. The whole time he was performing there was lightning in the distance. It wasn't scary really, it just made for a cool show. He performed three songs and it started drizzling a little bit. Here's a picture of him:

Sorry for the crappy picture. After his third performance, a radio host that had previously been pumping up the crowd, came out and told everyone to 'please exit the amphitheater until the band of weather passes through' and to hold on to your tickets because once it passes through we'd all have to re-enter with our tickets. Approximately 30 seconds after he said this, rain just started POURING down. Like, POURING. Nobody even had the chance to get out of the amphitheater yet. So people started running down the bleachers to get out. Here comes the funny part. This girl that was a couple rows behind us came running down in her cowboy boots and slipped in front of us. She was wearing a little dress and NO underwear. She managed to get wedged in between to of the rows and flail around until her friend came to help her up. It was priceless...and disgusting. Hahah. So by time we even made our way out of the amphitheater we were already completely soaked. There was not a dry spot on us. BUT, the true fans that we are, we stood in the pouring rain and lightning (that never let up) for about an hour and a half. Just hoping that it would stop. Unfortunately, it never did. They ended up cancelling the concert all together. We  had to leave without even seeing Jason Aldean's beautiful face! Luckily they rescheduled the concert for the end of September. I don't have any pictures of us soaking wet because I had my camera in my aunt's back pack so that it wouldn't get ruined. But my uncle took a picture of us on his phone. Once he sends it to me i'll post it. But I did take a picture of myself when we got back into the car:

Here is an article about the whole ordeal that CMT posted :

It was a huge fiasco! I just hope that nothing will go wrong in September when we go back to see him! And if something DOES happen, then maybe we just aren't meant to see Jason Aldean!

On a brighter note, when I got home I had nail mail!! I ordered 5 polishes from Beauty Joint. They were KLEANCOLOR polishes because I hadn't been able to find them anywhere. It only took them three days to get here which is why I was so surprised and excited!

L to R: Chunky Holo Clover, Shooting Star, Chunky Silver, Firework, and City Never Sleeps

I know they're all glitters but I just couldn't help myself! They're so beautiful and this picture just doesn't do them justice.

Sorry for such a long post!! I promise to be back on track tomorrow with a post about my polished nails!


  1. what an ordeal! glad you still had a good time!

  2. Ugh! I would cry if I didn't get to see Jason! I so hope you can see him in September... and if you do... just swing by Memphis and pick me up! ;)
    Love the polishes... I've done hauls where all I buy is glitter. It's good for the polish soul! :)

  3. I love when slutty girls don't wear undies then end up showing the world their cooter. I mean, seriously? How hard is it to put some on? Especially with a dress! DUH!

  4. @NailsByCourteney-I'm glad I still had a good time too! No matter what the situation, I can always have a blast with my family!

    @Olivia C.-I know! I was so depressed! My mom better let me go back in September! & yess glitter polishes just make me feel good!

    @thenailaholic-You couldn't have said it better!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous-I know huh!?


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