Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crowning Lava :)

Before I get started on my research paper due tomorrow-i'll do a quick post! I have pictures from the past couple of days. First I have DS Reserve, which I wore to my little cousin's Fancy Nancy Party! It was precious! I only have one picture and it was from the sunlight-it made the polish look awesome :) I only have two of OPI's DS polishes, but i'm in love. They go on perfectly and have full coverage.

Next I have one of Revlon's Top Speed polishes that I bought a while back. It's really pretty but honestly nothing special. The formula is great too. And it's true that it dries really fast! I then added a coat of OPI's Crown Me Already to my accent finger. Oh and btw, it's called Lava.

So what do y'all think? Have you tried any of the Top Speeds by Revlon? Do you think Lava is a general color?

I almost forgot to tell y'all! I just got back from the salon where my mom and I get our nails done. I didn't get mine done today but my mom got hers done. I convinced her to get the gel polish! It's really pretty! She's glad that she got it. And now she won't have to worry about chips or anything for two weeks! AND when we got ready to leave my nail tech gave me a bottle of Black Vinyl by Orly! My first Orly ever! Yaay! Too bad I just bought Essie's Licorice because I didn't have a black! Oh well, now I have two.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loup-garou Swamp Nails! Plus Mini Haul.

Hey ya'll! I'm back! For now! I have a paper due this Friday, so i'm not sure what i'll accomplish as far as blogging goes for the rest of the week. I did these nails last week some time. I really wanted to use my Simply Smash-ng color by OPI, so I decided on a 'dripping' effect. I layed Simply Smash-ing over OPI's Who The Shrek Are You? When I was done, my nails reminded me of the swamp. Therefore giving you my Louisiana Loup-garou Nails! Haha. If you've never heard of the 'Loup-garou', it's a cajun legend. Here is a link to the story: 

The dripping effect was easier than I thought. I just put Simply Smash-ing at the top of my nail, as if making a french manicure line, and then I drug the excess polish down with my dotting tool.

This is Simply Smash-ing by itself:

Excuse the dog hair on my middle finger.

Also, the other day I was testing polishes to see which ones were time to get rid of. I came across these little Delia polishes my mom had got me in a set a couple years ago. I forgot how much I liked them! They're actually really great neons, and the formulas are great too. I also threw in this neon orange from Claire's. They don't have names.

And before I go-I leave you with my mini haul from Walgreens from yesterday. I finally caved and bought Licorice by Essie! I knew that i've been needing a better black than the little cheap one I had from a couple years ago. And Halloween is coming up-so it was a must! I also bought two Sinful Colors nail art polishes that I saw mentioned on Olivia C.'s blog, Livy Lu Lu. I had never seen them before-but I searched around and found a few! I bought red because I thought it would be good used as blood :) And also one of my school colors is red. And I bought white because I don't have a white, and that's a pretty basic color to have. I also bought Orange Fizz by Revlon because it was pretty and orange. Orange=Halloween. Haha.

So what do y'all think? Was the green on green drippy nails too much? Lol. Do y'all own any polish from Delia's? Or shopped there at all before? Let me know--anything!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey y'all! Sorry for my lack of posts lately! I've been slacking, but I haven't forgotten about y'all-I promise! I should have a post tomorrow if I don't have work! And also the fact that I now have 50 followers has not gone unnoticed! I have a little something in the works!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Watching the Miss Universe Pageant!

Quick post today y'all! When I got home from school today, I knew I wanted to change my polish. But I decided to swatch two colors that I've had all summer before putting on my selected polish!

I picked up this lime green polish at Old Navy at the beginning of summer. It's nothing special, it's actually very generic. But I was surprised to see that Old Navy had polish-so I had to get it! It's called Lime Slush, this was two coats.

The next polish that I quickly swatched was Taupe? I picked this one up at Charlotte Russe over the summer too. At the time, I didn't have any colors like this one in my collection. I payed $3.50 for this polish, which is probably way too much. But I may end up wearing it once or twice in the fall. This was three coats because it was pretty streaky. A bit hard to work with.

Now on to the actual color on my nails! I painted them with Butter London's Victoriana. I love the name! Haha. But I love the color more! It's stunning. I only own three Butter London's, and this is my first time wearing one. Now I can't wait to wear the others! Victoriana is honestly a one coater! But I did two for good measure :)


The color sort of matched my front door's. Haha
What do you think? Have you tried any of the other Butter London's? Oh! And I must say! I'm at 48 followers! I am so beside myself!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boris and Natasha Are Living A Teenage Dream!

Sorry I've been MIA for several days! I had a few days off of work so I've been focused on other things. Such as studying, shopping, and Katy Perry! But these days off have allowed me to take lots of pictures to show y'all.

First off-I went shopping on Wednesday! Me and my mom went to the mall, to only go into Forever 21.  I just wanted to look for some clothes, and maybe something for the Katy Perry concert on Thursday. Well I found several cute things. I think I ended up with 3 tops and 1 'jacket'. If it is even considered a jacket--it's made of lace. So it definitely isn't keeping anyone warm. But it's soo darn cute! And I ended up wearing it to the KP concert. But before I checked out I told my mom that I MUST go to the front of the store and check out the polishes. To my surprise I saw a whole stand up container thing filled with polish. Each bin had the different colors in them. I had never seen it before! Normally their polish is just mixed in by the other beauty items. So! I found four of the other glitter polishes I was just going to order online. And of course the names on the back of the bottle differ from the ones online. I'll use the online names in case anyone wants to order them! Please excuse the background of these pictures-the photoshoot took place on my dad's boat. haha. There was good lighting!

From left to right: Black Knight, Sparkling Confetti, Gold Dust, Shimmering Green

Same order

The point of this picture is to show y'all that Black Knight isn't just black polish. It's black glitter and when I swatched it, it is gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it over plain black-or to spice up another color!
 Wait! Something I forgot to mention at the beginning of this post was that my friend's mom, who I may have talked about before, does nails. And she is the sweetest! She gives me polish occasionally, and I recieved some this week! She gave me six OPI's. Want to see them? I know you do!

From left to right: Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, Ate Berries in the Canaries, Suzi Loves Cowboys, Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?, Monsooner or Later, and an unnamed polish. Help!
Opposite order

This is the unnamed polish! Anyone have any ideas? It is a sheer light silvery purpleish polish. The front of the bottle is a little different compared to those of the others. I think it may be the older design?

Sunlight picture of the unknown!

Also, it has this number 28 on the bottom of the bottle. Under where I guess the name sticker would be? I don't know if this number has anything to do with anything. Just a thought?
 Now, on to the next exciting part of my week! Katy Perry! I'll just quickly say that the concert was amazing and Katy Perry is one of the best performers I've ever seen! This is how I did my nails for her concert: OPI's Boris and Natasha as a base, and OPI's Teenage Dream as a top coat. It was a shot in the dark, but I ended up loving the combination!

Inside, natural light

Outside, shade

Up close and personal-so pretty!

Outside, sunlight
And this is me for the Katy Perry concert:

That's my new jacket :)

Yay for pretty nails and New Orleans Famous Daiquiris!
I don't have any pictures from inside of the concert because I didn't bring my camera in. But just use your imagination!

You know what I just noticed during this post? I use exclamation marks a lot! <----see? I never realized it. Sorry y'all-just ignore them. Haha.

So what do y'all think of everything? The Forever 21 polishes? The new OPI's? Any guesses on what that mystery OPI is? I really need to know for my swatching binder! Lol. Let me know!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Polish Party!

Heey y'all! Although Tropical Storm Lee has put a damper on Labor Day weekend, he couldn't stop the indoor festivities! So yesterday, when the rain and wind was pretty bad, some of my family resorted to my house. My mom cooked some delicious 'rainy weather food'-Crawfish Corn Soup for lunch, and Red Bean Soup for dinner. I'm sure many of you have never heard of either of these, but I promise you they are yummy! We had lots of left overs to take us into today, which happens to still be crappy weather. 

Let me get to the point of the story.  While my family was over yesterday I got to paint their nails! I painted my cousin Chelsea's nails with the DS Coronation color I swatched yesterday, however I didn't get pictures of them.  Then, I painted my cousin Sophia's nails with an LSU Tiger theme. GO TIGERS! It didn't come out just like I would have liked it to, but it was alright. And lastly I painted my nanny's nails with DS Reserve. Oh, and I painted my mom's nails with Shootout at the O.K. Coral but she refuses to let me take pictures of her nails.

For Sophia's nails I used a purple by Forever 21 (they don't name their polishes specifically).  On her accent nail I used a base of OPI's Need Sunglasses? and for the stripes I used OPI's Funky Dunkey and came back on top of that with the purple by Forever 21.
LSU Tiger nails

On to my nanny's nails! OPI's DS Reserve is a stunning pink filled with lots of shimmer and a little bit of holo.

I almost forgot about my nails! I painted them with OPI's Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees the day before yesterday. By time I photographed them yesterday, I had some tip wear due to removing polish from other peoples nails and what not. It's a gorgeous charcoal that builds up with two coats. I know some people see blue in it or something? I don't see it so much. Maybe it's just that I wasn't in the natural light. But I love this much more than a regular black, because that leaves staining and is normally messy to work with!

AANDD! I was going to take a picture of outside for y'all, to show you the weather we were having, and when I opened the Forever21 package was laying on the porch! I was beyong excited! The estimated delivery date wasn't until September 6th! And I couldn't believe they'd deliver during a Tropical Storm! Haha.

Can y'all see the rain in this one? I never realized how hard it is to capture rain in a picture! And of course there's no way to capture the wind. Hehe. So just imagine wind + rain.
BBUUTT! Here's the exciting part about the package! It contained 3 new polishes! Straight up glitter bombs! Online they have better names, but on the label of the polish it just says like, Purple, Turquoise, Red.

The actual names are Sparkling Red, Shimmering Purple, and Shimmering Turquoise.
They are even more amazing in person! Really. Breathtaking. So I couldn't just look at them! I put on Shimmering Purple over my Suzi Skis on my accent nail. Just look at the glitter in the bottle! Everyone should get a bottle of this!

Sorry for the long, pic heavy post! I hope you like everything I showed you! Let me know what you think--especially about those Forever 21 polishes!