Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loup-garou Swamp Nails! Plus Mini Haul.

Hey ya'll! I'm back! For now! I have a paper due this Friday, so i'm not sure what i'll accomplish as far as blogging goes for the rest of the week. I did these nails last week some time. I really wanted to use my Simply Smash-ng color by OPI, so I decided on a 'dripping' effect. I layed Simply Smash-ing over OPI's Who The Shrek Are You? When I was done, my nails reminded me of the swamp. Therefore giving you my Louisiana Loup-garou Nails! Haha. If you've never heard of the 'Loup-garou', it's a cajun legend. Here is a link to the story: http://www.georgerodrigue.com/rodrigue/Education%20packet/Blue%20Dog%20info%20page.pdf 

The dripping effect was easier than I thought. I just put Simply Smash-ing at the top of my nail, as if making a french manicure line, and then I drug the excess polish down with my dotting tool.

This is Simply Smash-ing by itself:

Excuse the dog hair on my middle finger.

Also, the other day I was testing polishes to see which ones were time to get rid of. I came across these little Delia polishes my mom had got me in a set a couple years ago. I forgot how much I liked them! They're actually really great neons, and the formulas are great too. I also threw in this neon orange from Claire's. They don't have names.

And before I go-I leave you with my mini haul from Walgreens from yesterday. I finally caved and bought Licorice by Essie! I knew that i've been needing a better black than the little cheap one I had from a couple years ago. And Halloween is coming up-so it was a must! I also bought two Sinful Colors nail art polishes that I saw mentioned on Olivia C.'s blog, Livy Lu Lu. I had never seen them before-but I searched around and found a few! I bought red because I thought it would be good used as blood :) And also one of my school colors is red. And I bought white because I don't have a white, and that's a pretty basic color to have. I also bought Orange Fizz by Revlon because it was pretty and orange. Orange=Halloween. Haha.

So what do y'all think? Was the green on green drippy nails too much? Lol. Do y'all own any polish from Delia's? Or shopped there at all before? Let me know--anything!



  1. Love the dripping effect! I need to try that out, because it doesn't sound too difficult. YAY for the Sinful Colors Nail Art polishes! I really like mine, and so I think you'll like the ones you got. I can't wait to see what kinda nail art you come up with!
    I like Delia's! They have some cute clothes! But I've never tried their polish, I need to! Those that you have a really cute. :)

  2. That dripping effect is so much fun. I will have to try it when my nails are longer.

  3. @Olivia C.-You could definitely do it! It's really easy! & yes! I am too excited to try out the Sinful Colors nail art polishes.

    @The Lacquered Lady-I'd love to see it!

  4. Those multicolored nails are soooo hot. What do you have on thumb?

  5. Loving those neon jelly like polishes!

  6. Love the drippy nails!!

    I heard of Loup-garou only because I read the book series "Strange Angels" and that was constantly mentioned.


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