Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crowning Lava :)

Before I get started on my research paper due tomorrow-i'll do a quick post! I have pictures from the past couple of days. First I have DS Reserve, which I wore to my little cousin's Fancy Nancy Party! It was precious! I only have one picture and it was from the sunlight-it made the polish look awesome :) I only have two of OPI's DS polishes, but i'm in love. They go on perfectly and have full coverage.

Next I have one of Revlon's Top Speed polishes that I bought a while back. It's really pretty but honestly nothing special. The formula is great too. And it's true that it dries really fast! I then added a coat of OPI's Crown Me Already to my accent finger. Oh and btw, it's called Lava.

So what do y'all think? Have you tried any of the Top Speeds by Revlon? Do you think Lava is a general color?

I almost forgot to tell y'all! I just got back from the salon where my mom and I get our nails done. I didn't get mine done today but my mom got hers done. I convinced her to get the gel polish! It's really pretty! She's glad that she got it. And now she won't have to worry about chips or anything for two weeks! AND when we got ready to leave my nail tech gave me a bottle of Black Vinyl by Orly! My first Orly ever! Yaay! Too bad I just bought Essie's Licorice because I didn't have a black! Oh well, now I have two.



  1. I love that DS polish! I really need to try one of those out.
    And Lava is really pretty! I agree it's nothing special, but it is pretty. I haven't tried the Revlon Top Speed line, but they have some pretty good colors. Crown Me Already is so pretty! :)
    Yay for your first Orly! :)

  2. like the color, but ive never owned nor tried a revlon polish lol

  3. DS Reserve is awesome! I just love Crown Me Already! It is a great addition to anyone's collection! Looks great as an accent nail!


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