Saturday, July 23, 2011

Island Fuchsia by Jordana

Hey y'all! I'm posting early today! I feel on top my schedule! Haha. I have a funny little story about the polish i'm posting today. Back when I was in Girl Scouts, which was probably 4th or 5th grade, it was like my troop's end of the year party or something. We went out to eat and then after my troop leader gave each girl a little gift bag of things. Every girl had a Jordana polish in their bag, but just in different colors. I can't remember what color I originally had, but I remember trading with someone else, so I ended up with Island Fuchsia. When I later put it on, I just remember being amazed by the color. And probably the formula too. But I was younger and not as obsessed with polish. I just knew there was something wonderful about it! I must have used it enough times to be sad when I lost it. I don't know what I ever did with it, but it was gone! Since then i've been searching for that color! I found Jordana's website and saw that I could buy online and everything, but I couldn't remember what the name of it was. Plus, Jordana's little color swatches of the colors aren't technically right. Because when you look online, Island Fuchsia looks like a dusty lavender-totally incorrect! Anyways!! I was in K-Mart with my mom a couple months ago and the polish section is right by the checkout so I was browsing and found a little display of Jordana! I immediately found the color I had lost-Island Fuchsia! I continue to be amazed by this color. It goes on so perfectly and can easily be a one coater. I've never heard of Jordana before or even found it anywhere else, but I would love to try out some of their other colors. All the polishes are really cheap-I think like 2 bucks. Online it says that Island Fuchsia is a 'shimmer color with small micro-reflective sparkles'. So i'd love to know if the formula is as great on their cream, duotoned, and glitter colors. I'll just post the pictures! All are 2 coats, no top coat.

Artificial light, no flash.

Artificial light, with flash.

Name shot
Trying to capture the bluish purple micro sparkles. Amazing!

Oh, and i've been having this little nail dryer thing for years, but I just have neglected to put batteries in it for the past few years. I finally decided that it was a good idea to do so and make some use of it! It's precious! It has two little compartments that slide out on the sides that hold polish.

Oh, and you know I couldn't just leave Island Fuchsia all by its lonesome. So I added some of OPI's Teenage Dream to my accent finger.

I love how the sparkles showed up in this picture. They are pixilated on the tip and clear towards the bottom.

So what do y'all think?! Has anyone ever heard of Jordana? Ever used any of their polish? What did y'all think of it?



  1. I've never heard of Jordana... but that polish is really pretty! Love the accent finger! And that nail dryer is really cool! I need something like that because I'm pretty impatient when it comes time for polish to dry.

  2. Very nice! I've seen them at Kmart, but like you said, the display was tiny and nothing has ever really jumped out at me

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Olivia C.-it has sped up the drying process-which is great!

    @thenailaholic-It's a shame that their display is so tiny. If you ever decide to try one of the polishes-this is the one! Lol

  4. What a great story! I have a few Jordana in my stash but rarely seem to run across them in stores.

  5. @KarenD-Thanks! I know, it's a shame. If all of their polish is as pretty as Island Fuschsia, they should have a bigger display or something. Or more stores that carry them!


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