Friday, July 22, 2011

Back Again!

Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in 3 days (I think), could be 4. That's because I had a family member in the ICU. Everything seems to be going well though, and he was moved to a regular room last night :)

This will probably be a picture heavy post because I have to catch up on what I missed. So after I took Limbo Bimbo off my nails, I put on Essie's Turquoise and Caicos!!!! Yes! I finally bought it! While we were out a couple days ago my mom had to stop at Walgreens. So I ran in just to look at like the Sinful Colors section, but my eye caught on the wall of Essie! Turquoise and Caicos has been on my wishlist for a while now so I couldn't pass it up. I think it was like $8.69 or something with tax. The guy checking me out at the register was like "geez, that's some expensive polish!". And I told him it was worth every penny!

Isn't it beautiful!? I think this is two coats. It was kind of streaky so I just applied it thick.

Name shot.

I have some other exciting news though!! That Essie polish is the last polish i'm buying until I go to Tennessee in August! BECAUSE...i'm going to the Cosmetic Market! And i'm saving all of my tips until then! I'm so so so excited because around here I don't have an Ulta or any other type of beauty store.  The only thing I have is a Sally's, and they don't even carry OPI. So my parents and I are making a trip up to visit my family in Tennessee and while we're there my aunt and cousin are going to take me to the Cosmetic Market! And trust me-i've seen my cousin's stash of OPI. It's amazing! And during our family beach trip in June, they gave me Teenage Dream and Not Like The Movies, which they got from the Cosmetic Market. So I know that they must have a great selection! It's gonna be one MEGA HAUL!

I'm being really long-winded in this post but I can't help it! So yesterday after I took off T&C I painted my nails with OPI's Guy Meets Gal-veston. Which is like a red jelly. It isn't completely red. It starts off as more of a coral and the more coats you put on, the more it looks red. I'm not the biggest fan of jellies, but I had never used Guy Meets Gal-veston before. I put on four coats, and it isn't that bad after all.

4 coats

Name shot
 I also painted my cousin Sophia's nails and toes for her beach trip. I used OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender as a base. Then, on her toes and accent fingers I used OPI's Teenage Dream. I think they came out good! We decided that it looked like she had 'Barbie' toes-so sparkly!

Also, I have some more good news! Actually it's just really good news for me! When we were in the waiting room at the hospital, a woman sitting across from us asked me if I had psoriasis. And I do, so we got into this giant conversation about what she uses for hers and all the stuff we've tried and everything. I don't know if i've mentioned before on here that I have psoriasis. It's a hereditary skin condition that isn't contagious. I've had it since I was in first grade so everyone I go to school with is used to it. I have a lightbox in my room that I use. There is currently no cure for psoriasis, but I am hopeful that one day there will be. Here's a link if you want to read more about it or anything: So anyways-you can get psoriasis under your fingernails. And it will make them have ridges and things. LUCKILY-I have not been affected by psoriasis under my nails yet. Knock on wood! So my mom asked the woman if she has it under her nails and she said yes. And then she said something amazing-"But the doctor said to always keep them painted, so that the air can't get to them..." Whatever the reason was behind that-I kind of spaced out. Haha. I was so happy! So maybe me keeping my nails painted all the time is what has kept me from getting it under my nails! I was kind of rubbing it in my mom's face too because she always gets on me about letting my nails breathe and stuff. So now I feel like I can have all the polish I want!! Yaay!

I'm almost done! LOL. On my last post I told y'all that I was in a contest on snapfish and I left the link for y'all to 'like' my picture. I think a couple of y'all did it-so thanks so much! I'm going to leave a couple more links to some of my other pictures in different color categories. Remember, once you click on the link I leave, under 'Share the love' on the right side of the page, click 'Like'. I believe that you have to be logged into facebook to do so.

Green entry:
Red entry:
Yellow entry:

Y'all are the best! I know I originally said the post would be picture heavy, but I think it was more word heavy than anything! Let me know what y'all think-about anything! Haha.



  1. I love the first polish!!!!

  2. Glad your back, hope everything gets better soon!

  3. @imfeelingnail-venturous-Me too!! I was so happy to scratch it off my wish list!

    @thenailaholic-Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Love all the polish! Hope your family member is getting better quickly.
    Tennessee! Yay! It's a great state, but I guess I'm a little biased. ;) Will you be able to go to an Ulta too? I can't believe you don't have one where you live! I'm sorry you don't. But you might be saving yourself a lot of money. haha.
    I'm going to go vote for your entries! :)

  5. Thank you! Haha, I know you're a little biased! And I understand it completely! But I LOVE Tennessee. I guess it just seems so big and like there is so much more to do than in my small town, where i've lived all 17 years of my life! Since I was little i've loved going there. Two of my dad's sisters both live there, in the same neighborhood so it's pretty nice to get to see both families every day when we visit. I plan on moving there one day! And you know-I didn't even think about getting to go to an Ulta! I'm going to have to check the store locations to see if there will be one near us. There are only 3 in Louisiana-the closest one is an hour away. Which isn't too bad, but i've never been! And yeah you're right, i'm probably saving myself a TON of money. I just checked (in the middle of me typing this) haha, and I think the closest Ulta to where we'll be is in Murfreesboro. So I don't know if i'll get to go or not, but i'll run it past my drivers! Haha. And thanks for voting!

  6. I was born in a small town in AR and I love it, but they don't have an Ulta... so if I still lived there, I'd be a little unhappy. Murfreesboro! Awesome city. My Dad lives up there and he's working on getting me to go to MTSU. :) I hope you have fun in TN & get some awesome polishes! :)


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