Monday, July 11, 2011

Pretty In Pink!

Hey guys! I'm just going to throw this out there-in case y'all aren't aware of how I do my posts. Whatever i'm posting is USUALLY what I wore on my nails the day before. So like, my newspaper nails that I posted yesterday, were from the day before. And the nails i'm posting today are from yesterday. And then however I paint my nails tonight, will be tomorrow's post! Get it?

So yesterday I wore China Glaze's Pink-Rox-E. I don't really know why the 'E' is on the end, but I don't know a lot of things! Haha. This polish really really surprised me! I wasn't expecting it to be as pretty as it is! Being in the bottle just doesn't do it justice. It has this great golden shimmer to it. The only thing is that it IS kind of sheer. Nothing against sheer, but I just prefer polish to be opaque since I have long nails. It took me 4 coats to get it to where I liked it-and it dried pretty fast!

This is after only 3 coats:

You can still slightly see my nail line.

The rest are after 4 coats:

Name shot. Plus look at all that golden goodness at the bottom of the bottle!

You can really see the golden glitter in this one.

And of course, I just always feel like I have to add something extra. So I chose a gold glitter from Forever 21 to put on my accent finger.

I hope that y'all liked them! Do you think that Pink-Rox-E goes alright with my skintone? Anybody else have that color?



  1. I love it more with the gold glitter!!!

  2. Three coats doesn't look too bad. I have shorter nails so it doesn't bug me as much. Very pretty :)

  3. That does remind me of Sunset Prisms! So pretty!


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