Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feeling Purple-y.

All my head is thinking right now is that it has a headache. Blaaahh. I feel like my eyes are about to pop right out of their sockets because of the pressure behind them. It now looks like my dad is still bringing me to Tennessee but my mom is staying back due to my Paw-Paw being in the hospital. I've been taking on the role of 'mom' for the past few days-which is EXTREMELY stressful. Especially when my brothers, who i'm playing mom to, don't listen to what I have to say. Darn brothers! So I guess we'll just see how smoothly things run in the next week-that'll determine how many posts I get in.

On a brighter note-I got my pedicure today! It felt so good :) And when Ms.Get (my nail tech.), who has been doing my nails foorrevver,  saw me walk in she was so excited to show me her new colors she bought! She told me that she had one I was going to like and that nobody else had gotten it yet. She handed me Flying Dragon by China Glaze. I was immediately in love! It is a neon purple with blue and pink microglitter. Of course, with the top coat it is so shiny. I love it! She tells me all the time that I like the 'bright colors'. So true! However, i'm not brave enough to paint my own nails with neon. She also told me that i'm going to have to show her what I get from Cosmetic Market!

And last night, late, I painted my own nails with Spontaneous by China Glaze. Which is also purple. I wasn't planning on having two different shades of purple on my fingers and toes-but that's just how it worked out! I'll post pictures now!

Two coats of Spontaneous by CG

Spontaneous by CG, no flash. Delta sleeping peacefully in the back!

Name shot

Now y'all know I don't like taking pictures of my feet-but I had to show y'all this cute color! Flying Dragon by CG. This is with a flash, and how it looks outside.

This is how dark it looks inside.

An up-close (and unfocused) picture of Flying Dragon.
 So that's all I have for you today! I hope everyone is doing well. Oh! And I noticed today that I have reached 29 followers. WOW! I know that doesn't even seem like a pimple on a knats behind (haha, shout out to my great-Aunt Sylvia who uses that saying) to y'all but it is a lot for me! I thought I wouldn't get past 10! So i'm just so thankful for all of you! And maybe there will be a 50 follower giveaway in the future?

Let me know what you think of these colors! I'll be posting from Tennessee for the next few days!



  1. These are pretty! Congrats on your followers

  2. Really pretty purples. I need to improve my purple-collection. :D
    And congrats on 30 followers! I'm sure you'll reach to 50 with no time. :)

  3. Two very pretty colors! Can't wait for your posts from the great state of Tennessee! :)

  4. @Sandra-Thank you! My collection of purples isn't that great either!

    @Olivia C.-Thanks! I am so excited too! I'm going to the CM tomorrow!! Yaay!

  5. Spontaneous is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE it, I'm gonna go out and buy it because I have nothing like it and I need a new purple!

  6. @Brittany Elaine-I love it too! This was my first time using it since I had bought it a while back.


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