Monday, August 8, 2011

Pictures From My TN Trip

Sorry guys! I didn't really keep up with posting while in Tennessee. Except for my one post about my haul-because I figured some of you may be just as excited as I was about seeing all the polish! SO! Until tomorrow when I actually have a color on my fingers, i'll just post some pictures. I have a few that i'll post too of my cousin's nails. With all the polish lying around on the kitchen table for days-they decided they might as well get their nails painted!

Ahh! The Cosmetic Market! I was finally there!

Me and my cousins outside of The Cosmetic Market. Love these girls!

Me with my haul once we got home. This picture makes it look kind of small, huh? Haha.

Me and my cousin's Bullmastiff

I painted one of my cousin's nails with Mod About You by OPI. We couldn't get over how tan it made her look!

One of my other cousins painted her own nails with Essie's Neo Whimsical. So light and dainty! Love!
And of course I painted my nails while there with some of my new polish! I put on a base of OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama and then used OPI's I Lily Love You as a top coat. I think it's so pretty!

And this is what my polish rack looks like now after bringing home my new polish. Half of it is now consumed by OPI, I had to take down all of my Forever 21 Love & Beauty polishes and put them in one of those little baskets, and a bunch of the other colors are in the baskets. I am now out of space in the baskets and on the rack! Looks like I need another rack-quick!
 So that's all for tonight! I'll have a post tomorrow but I can't promise much for the rest of the week. We're just starting school back on Wednesday so I don't know how busy i'll be!



  1. Where did you get that rack? I like it!

  2. Ok- I'm pretty sure I've seen a Cosmetic Market before... like when I lived in Nashville... so why the heck didn't I go in there??? Love everyone's nails! Ahh school! I hope you have a great year! :)

  3. @Fingers-My mom went through my friend's mom (that is a nail technician), so i'm not sure where she got it from. BUT I have seen them on and they aren't too expensive. That's probably where i'll order my next one from. Because it seems to be the exact one I have now.

    @Olivia C.-Yes! They have two in Nashville, one in Franklin, and one in Chattanooga! So there is a good chance you saw one! We went to the one in Franklin AND one in Nashville. I seriously didn't know what to do with myself when I was in there! Thanks for the well wishes-I hope this school year goes great too!

  4. Oooh, your polish rack looks like a dream! I wish I had that many nail polishes. :D

  5. Thanks Sandra! I'm sure you'll get there in time-just like I did!

  6. Your nails look lovely. So is your cousins nails. Is she the one wearing glasses? She is cute. I prefer if you grow your toes a bit and polish them with a dark color. At the moment they seems to be bit shabby.

  7. Thank you. She is not the one with the glasses and I prefer my toe nails short.


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