Friday, August 26, 2011

Can't Resist Come to Poppy!

Okay! I had my eye on Come to Poppy ever since OPI came out with the Nice Stems Collection! I only wanted Come to Poppy and I Lily Love You from the collection. Boy, am I so thankful I found it! It's absolutely gorgeous! Although in some pictures you can sort of see brush strokes, it is in no way a frost! I put on two coats but it was actually a one coater! Take a look at it's beautifulness:

Isn't my new keychain cute? ^^ My coworker bought it for me!

Sorry for the pic heaviness! I couldn't stop snapping! But there is more :) The next day I added some chunky silver glitter by Kleancolor.

My only complaint with the Kleancolor glitters is that they take FOREVER to dry. However, the final product is gorgeous and I got many compliments!

Did you like it? Let me know!



  1. Oh, so gorgeous!!! I was afraid it would be too frost-ish and skipped it. Ugh.. hopefully I can find it again.. looks gorgeous on you!!

  2. It's gorgeous at it totally matches your background. :D

  3. Love it!! And the keychain is super cute!

  4. Thanks ladies! I DO love my lanyard :)

    & @Mel,Glassflecked- I thought it might be frosty too-but i'm glad it isn't! It's perfect!

  5. Love it! The chunky glitter is awesome! And I love that pink! I've never found a full size of it, but I need to! :)

  6. That is a very pretty shade. Love the chunky glitter over it!

  7. Thanks! The glitter is so big that people would walk up to me to look at my nails and thought that from a distance it was all rhinestones. Haha.

  8. This color looks great on you, and I loooove your nails this length- they are gorgeous!!!

  9. I got the same feeling about Come to Poppy. I found it pretty on swatches I saw but when I had it on my nails I was super impressed! so beautiful!!
    looks great on you ;D


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