Friday, October 21, 2011

Sorry just doesn't cover it!

I am more than sorry y'all! I've absolutely been meaning to post something, ANYTHING so that y'all know I'm still alive! I have been so busy between senior stuff, college applications, work. Plus tomorrow i'm taking the ACT and then more work. I'm actually working all weekend. So tonight, I'm going to post my 'school-spirit' nails. I used Orly's Liquid Vinyl as a base and then layered a red, silver, and black glitter on top. The glitter polish is from Forever 21 and the back of the bottle actually calls it Red/Black/Silver. Haha. This really was perfect because those are my school colors! I wore these for homecoming :)

And i'll just give y'all a cute bonus picture:

I was attempting to fix my covers on my bed and my yellow lab refused to move. Obviously the covers didn't bother her much! I love my Delta Queen!

I'll try to post again soon-my intentions are good!



  1. love! i have a thing for black and red together, so any polishes that give that combo are a plus in my book :)

  2. LOVE the nails! And what a sweet pup! Good luck on the ACT. :)


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