Saturday, August 4, 2012

Add-On Art

Hey guys!  I've been seeing this design on Pinterest for quite some time now and actually found a step-by-step chart on how to make it happen!  It is really simple and doesn't require any seperate brushes or tools.  The only thing I didn't like about my design is that the color that looks red, was actually pink.  I guess that's my fault for not realizing that pink was going to show up red on the lime green polish...which is China Glaze's I'm With The Lifeguard. 

For this design you use three colors total.  A base color, and two additional colors.  This polish chart is from Lucy's Stash

It's an awesome little step-by-step.  And as you can see, pretty simple. 

I added on to my 'I'm With The Lifeguard' manicure after a couple days.  I used China Glaze's Rose Among Thorns and Flying Dragon as my additional colors.  And voila! 

I plan on testing this design out with different colors and on all of my fingers. 

What do y'all think?  Have y'all tried the fishtail design yet?  Favorite color combo?  Let me know!


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  1. This is so cute! There are so many good nail art ideas on pinterest- I feel like that's all I ever pin.


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