Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Super Fast First Experience at Ulta!

Sorry for the bad lighting.  This is no flash, artificial light. 

So, if you guys didn't know, I was out of town for the past several days.  And while I was out of town...I was able to shop at an Ulta for the very first time! Lucky me!  It is the second nearest Ulta to me (at about one hour away), the closest Ulta to me is about forty-five minutes away.  Unfortunately I was never able to get to either of these Ulta's until now!  It was our last stop during our full day of errands so I had to browse/shop like lightening.  I didn't even get to look at anything else in the store.  NOTHING!  Not even the normal, drugstore-type polish aisle they have.  I darted back to the OPI section.  I was almost convulsing at all the OPI, China Glaze, Essie, and Zoya.  YES, ZOYA, which I've never been able to see or touch in person until it comes in the mail..when I order!  So that was a huge surprise for me!  I snagged up a few China Glaze from the Summer Neons 2012 collection that I had wanted to pick up at Sally's but they didn't have.  There weren't any On Safari displays, which I was kind of disappointed about.  However, hiding on the bottom shelf was a box of mixed up China Glaze polishes-where I found Smoke and Ashes.  And then I browsed the OPI's for the longest time.  There were several Spiderman displays, and I think I have two from the collection, but I picked up My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  Which, from seeing pictures of the collection, I thought was just a white.  And before I saw this polish in person, thought to myself, "why do you need another plain ole' white?"  Well..let me tell you, this was not just a plain ole' white.  This was a very interesting grey-white.  I love it!  And I will do a comparison post soon.   I saw that there was a Zoya Beach & Surf display, but I previously ordered all of the ones I wanted online.  But on the shelf I found Zoya's Robyn, which has been on my wishlist for quite some time now.  I couldn't pass it up!  Underneath all of the Zoya colors was several different bottles of Zoya's Remove +!  I'd also been wanting to try this out, but could never bring myself to order the big flipper online.  So for like four bucks I bought a perfect travel size bottle...enough for me to test it and see if I like it.  Lastly I ended up in front of the clearance section.  The first thing I picked up was a horrible China Glaze color that looked like a mix between puke and baby poop-of course I had to have it!  I knew I didn't have anything like it in my collection, and that on the right skin tone, it might look fabulous!  Plus, the fact that it was marked down was a plus.  (The color is Trendsetter, by the way.)  I also found a nice deep fall/winter color by OPI called William Tell Me About OPI.  With fall approaching and a clearance sticker on the bottle, I figured why not? 

Sorry for such a long story of how I obtained the following haul...are you ready for the pictures now?  Again, sorry for the bad lighting-making none of the bottle colors accurate!
Remove + and Robyn

L to R-Smoke and Ashes, Trendsetter, Hang Ten Toes, Splish Splash, and Surfin' for Boys
L to R- William Tell Me About OPI and My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Oh, and the following day we stopped in at Target and I hurriedly (that is a word, I swear) looked over the clearance section.  I decided on a Nicole by OPI called Rich in Spirit.  It's a nice silvery blue metallic.  And the fact that it was marked down about four bucks didn't hurt either! 

So that's all folks.  Hope you enjoyed it!  Do you own any of these colors?  Any favorites from this haul post?  Is there anyone who has never been in an Ulta before?  Let me know, because I love to hear everyone's opinions and stories!



  1. GREAT haul! I was just in Ulta today and got a free magnetic polish since I'm a club member. I'm not sure what I did before I discovered Ulta. I think I had more money then, ha! I love how you described Trendsetter! Can't wait to see all of these!

  2. Great haul! I wish we had Ulta's in Australia!

    I absolutely looove My Boyfriend Scales Walls, it's looks so white until you see it against an actual white and you notice the difference! Haha

    1. That's exactly it! Definitely not white!

  3. I tagged you for a Leibster Award! Your questions, as well as rules, can be found in my post here:


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