Monday, July 23, 2012

Collection, PRO-FX Products, and Dramatic Hair Cut!

Hey y'all!  Now that I have accquired many more polishes than what I started with, I wanted to show y'all my updated collection.  But before I do that, I'll show you guys a picture of the collection I started with.  Which, was contained to ONE polish rack-I know, it's hard to believe!  I guess you have to start somewhere!

Holy smokes! Only one row of OPI!
Now, here is a picture of what that same rack looks like now:

ALL OPI! And I even have about another whole row on one of my other racks.  Which I'll also show you below.  This makes me so happy :)

After about, oh I don't know, six months max, I was ready for another polish rack:

Now, I have re-arranged these racks time and time again.  Trying to get all of one brand on a single row, etc.  Haha. It just depends on when I get new polish.  So I've chosen to leave room for more Zoya's. (Which is something I've recently started buying a lot of) And then you can see my over flow of OPI onto the bottom row of this rack. Also, my two new Essie's aren't in this picture.
And when this one was filled up, I had to get a third!  Which my mom likes to call my "last"-hah, that's what she thinks! ;)

On the top row of my third rack is where I keep my base coats, top coats, cuticle oil, drying drops, etc. And the rest of the rack is mostly polish I can get at drug stores, or retail shops like F21, Aldo, American Apparel, etc.  And my Kleancolor polishes are on the bottom row.  As you can tell, this one fills fast!
So that's about it for my polish collection!  As I slowly get more polish, I have to get rid of some too.  So just recently I have dumped a batch off for my little cousins-who thoroughly enjoy it!  And then I've also gotten rid of some really ancient ones that were too goopy and too far gone to do anything with.  I'm not sure what the actual count is but I think it's around 300.  When I found out for sure I'll post it on my collection page.

Sorry for the blurry pic-my mom took it.  But this is the day I dropped off some of my older polishes.  I did their nails and toes for them!  They're too precious. 

Also, I wanted to show y'all my top coat that I am just in love with!  I was in WalMart with my mom one day and when we were in the beauty section I stopped to look at some Nicole by OPI colors.  When I glanced down I saw that they had a whole section of this 'PRO-FX' stuff.  No actual colors, but if I can remember correctly, like top coats, base coats, ridge fillers, maybe some cuticle oil?  It all looked really legit!  Haha.  And the bottles were GIANT.  I picked up a clear/purple bottle that was called 'Quick Dry High Gloss Top Coat'.  I new I wanted a new top coat because my other one by OPI just never dryed fast enough, but I wasn't completely sold just by what was stated on the bottle.  So while me and my mom finished our shopping in WalMart I read a few reviews on the internet-most everyone was comparing it to Seche Vite.  (Which I never could bring myself to buy, I guess because of the price and small amount.)  This giant bottle of Top Coat was only about $4.  So I new it had to be great if people were comparing it to Seche Vite.  I couldn't wait to get home and try it!  It is a nice thick top coat that doesn't drag your polish when you apply it.  It dries ridiculously fast, too-just like the bottle says!  The only thing that I have to mention is the bubbles.  And to be honest, I didn't even notice them in the beginning.  But since I have about less than half a bottle left, the formula has become a little bit thicker.  So that may be what is contributing to the bubbles.  And probably if I'd take a little more time to apply it I wouldn't have as many, but I never take my time! 

And since buying that big bottle, I've convinced my Aunt and cousin to buy it too.  I've also picked up a PRO-FX Ridge Filler but sadly have only used it once or twice, so I don't really know how well it works.  But I really love the brush-I would compare it to an OPI brush. 

By the way, while I was waiting on my picture to upload I did a little research about the other PRO-FX products and here is what I found (all at WalMart):
-Apricot Cuticle Oil
-Complete 3 (Top, Base, Strengthener)
-Epoxy Bond Base Coat
-Long Wearing UV Top Coat
-Mineral Botanicle Strengthener
-Protein Enriched Base & Revitalizer
-All Over Body Polish (Lotion)
-Reflexology Foot Massage Oil

Seriously, if you haven't tried these products, you should give them a chance! You really do get bang for your buck.  And I didn't even see that UV Top Coat when I went!  I've been looking for one of those, so now I think I'll have to make a trip to WalMart. 

That's it for tonight folks!  This girl is tired, it's been a long day! Let me know if you've tried any of the PRO-FX products!  Which ones are your favorite?  


P.S.-I'm getting a pedi tomorrow...wooohhoo! What color to get...
I just realized that I don't think I ever told you guys that I cut off all my hair! So here is a bonus picture...I got about 15 inches cut off! So sad, but I love how light and healthy it is now!


  1. Whoa! That's so many bottles of OPI! And I thought I had a lot... but definitely not as many as you! I really love that you have the polish racks. I'm running out of room in these drawers that I keep my polish in. Racks would be so much better because then you can actually see all your polish. I'll definitely have to consider doing something like that.
    That's such a huge bottle of top coat! But it really sounds like something I want to try. And it's cheap! I'm going to have to look for that next time I'm at WalMart.
    I love your haircut! It's so cute and perfect for summer! :)

  2. Love seeing your collection pics--that OPI rack is especially gorgeous!

    I bet if you thinned the topcoat at this point it'd lessen the bubbling--I do that to my SH topcoat when the bottle gets low (or top it off with a new bottle).


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