Monday, July 30, 2012

First Attempt: Tie Dye Nails

Hey y'all!  I was really interested in trying to 'tie-dye' my nails.  I know how to do water marbling, but I saw many of you doing a 'drag' method.  This is when you put the different colors of polish in a row on your nail and then start at the base color and drag the polish into one another using a toothpick, needle, etc.  This LOOKED easier, but for me it wasn't all that easy.  However, I didn't use a toothpick or needle.  I used the end of some kind of nail tool-which was probably too thick and the main reason why the design didn't come out exactly how I wanted it.  I WILL be trying this again though! 

I grabbed four different color polishes from my rack.  I didn't want the typical rainbow tie-dye, so I went with more of a pastel-y type.  I used (from L to R) Zoya's Shelby, Wednesday, and Arizona and Essie's Boxer Shorts. 

So what I did was paint (really quickly) vertical stripes of these four colors right next to each other.  Also, you have to leave the coats kind of thick or else the polish won't drag nicely into each other.  I then started from one of the colors on the end and with my tool, drug lines going different directions.  Sorry if I'm confusing anyone-it's really difficult to explain!  My problem is that I don't have a very light hand so I was actually digging the polish off of my nail instead of blending the colors together.  Haha.  I also learned that I probably should have done a base coat of white or another color. 

It came out looking like this:

Natural light
You can see where in major spots on my ring finger, the polish has been completely lifted from my nail.  Whoops!

With flash-again you can see big bald spots on my ring and pointer fingers.
Close up of my pinky.  My first nail to do, and best looking one in my opinion.  Haha.
So what do y'all think?  Do you have any advice for me for future tie-dye nails?  Do you like this color combination?  Have you ever tried a design like this before?  If you have any specific questions about instruction, leave it in a comment and I'll try to re-explain as best I can!



  1. I love the colors you used! I'm going to have to try this! I think they turned out really great. Very colorful! :)


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