Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mini Haul!

Hey y'all!  Today, I have a little tiny baby haul to show you guys.  It's three polishes total: two Essie's and one OPI.  I actually didn't buy the OPI but was 'granted' it by my nail tech :) haha.  Every time I would go to get my nails done I always said how I just loved Merry Midnight by OPI and couldn't wait to buy a bottle for myself.  I even convinced my mom to get it on her toes one time when we went together.  And this has been like, a year, a YEAR of my pining over this beautiful OPI!  I just never got around to looking for it on Amazon-because I sure as heck couldn't find it in stores!  So, yesterday, while I was looking at all of the racks on the wall, I mentioned Merry Midnight and how I was going to buy it on Amazon and my nail tech just told me to take it.  She said to take it because she'd only used it once or twice.  I told her absolutely not, that I was going to buy it myself.  But she insisted.  So I finally get to add Merry Midnight to my collection!  Hurray!!!

Now, just be aware, these pictures do NOT capture the awesomeness that is in the actual bottle.

Do you see all of that colorful, flakie goodness at the bottom of the bottle!?

So after that nail salon ordeal my mom and I went to Walgreens.  While she was picking up a pack of pictures I did what any nail polish obsessed blogger would do...I walked over to the beauty section to check out any new polishes, collections, displays, etc.  And to my surprise, sitting on the bottom shelf next to a Sinful Colors display and another Essie display was an Essie collection that I had not seen advertised!  It was some sort of Yoga collection.  It was only a four color display, which I later realized was the smaller of two displays for this particular collection.  The actual collection has six different colors.  Anyways, only one caught my eye, and that was Boxer Shorts which is sort of a periwinkle color.  It's a nice blue-purple. 

The next thing I saw also took me by surprise!  Before finding the Yoga collection I had just glanced over the other displays and saw that the Essie Luxeffects display was still out-and looked pretty full.  But I had already bought two colors from it a while back.. but when I took a better look at it, I saw the display said "New Shade" (or "New Color", I can't remember which).  And sure enough, sitting next to the other original Luxeffects colors was a gorgeous chunky purple glitter named Stroke of Brilliance.  Of course I couldn't pass it up!  So I'm guessing Essie put out a new display with all the colors again to display the newest one.  I don't know exactly how long Stroke of Brilliance has been out, but I could very well be the last to know.  Haha.  I'm usually late on these things. 

Isn't it soo pretty?

So there you have it!  My mini haul.

Have y'all been holding out on me this whole time about that new Luxeffects color?? Haha. Do y'all own Merry Midnight? Give me your thoughts!  Hope y'all enjoyed!  Tomorrow I'm going to have a post about my updated polish collection and my favorite top coat!



  1. great haul! want allll of those! merry midnight is an awesome find

  2. I'm going to Walgreens tomorrow, because that Essie glitter is mine! I can't resist a good purple glitter! And I love Merry Midnight! That was so sweet of her to just let you have it! And I'm anxious to see that other Essie, too. It looks really pretty!

    1. Haha yes I saw your vlog about how much you love the Essie glitters! I was hoping you'd see this so that you knew there was another glitter to be had! She is the sweetest. And I will be sure to make a post whenever I wear Boxer Shorts! Thanks!


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