Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey y'all!  I really need your help.  I'm having my nail tech pick me up some Color Club polishes at the supply store and am having trouble deciding which colors I want her to pick up. guys would be the BEST if you could leave your favorite Color Club color(s) in a comment!  I'm guessing it would just have to be a color that is in their overall collection.  Not really a seasonal color. 

Either way, let me know!  Help a blogger out!  Haha.


P.S.-When I got my pedicure yesterday I picked out Color Club's Modern Pink.  I love it!


  1. Well, Color Club has some pretty awesome shades, but if I had to pick only a few, I'd advise you to get Wild and Willing, Rule Breaker, Gossip Column, Wild At Heart and Cold metal. It also depends on what type of finish and colours you prefer. :)

  2. My favorite Color Club is Edie, but I also love Twiggie, Jackie Oh!, Trippie Hippie, Revvvolution, Magic Attraction & Untamed Luxury!

    1. Thanks for your help! These are all so pretty! I've added Jackie Oh and Untamed Luxury to my list!


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